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Underlining/Italics vs. Quotation Marks

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1 Underlining/Italics vs. Quotation Marks

2 Italics and Underlining
Italics and Underlining act in the same function Those using MLA (the Modern Language Association documentation format) will use Underlining Those using APA (the American Psychological Association documentation format) will use Italics

3 When do I underline/italicize?
Item Example… Titles of Books Plays Magazines Newspapers Films Television Programs Radio Programs Long Poems Works of Visual Art Comic Strips Software Websites CD Album Titles American Psycho Hamlet Time The Chicago Tribune Resident Evil The Cosby Show LoveLine Beowulf The Mona Lisa Dilbert Excel Barron’s Online The White Album

4 Underline or italicize the names of ships, trains, aircraft, and spacecraft.

5 Underline or italicize words, letters, and numerals (numbers) refered to as such.

6 When do I use quotation marks?
Item Example… Essays from journals, anthologies, etc. Articles from magazines, newspapers, etc. Short Stories Short Poems Songs Television Program Episodes “The Language of Advertising” “The Seven Deadly Ways to Kiss” “The Body” “The Raven” “Always” “The One Who Got Away”

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