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Long Works vs. Short Works January 22-25 Bellwork.

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1 Long Works vs. Short Works January 22-25 Bellwork

2 Long Works ALWAYS Underline or Italicize Long Works These Include: ◦ Book Titles ◦ Play Titles ◦ Movie or T.V. Series Titles ◦ Magazine Titles ◦ Newspaper Titles ◦ Work of Art

3 Short Works ALWAYS Use “Quotation Marks” for Short Works These Include: ◦ Short Stories ◦ Essays ◦ Poems ◦ Songs ◦ Magazine or Newspaper Articles ◦ Book Chapters

4 Tuesday: Write the titles correctly 1. holes (movie/book) 2. the inauguration (newspaper article) 3. time (magazine) 4. fireworks (song) 5. the mona lisa (work of art)

5 What do we capitalize? Capitalize the first and last word in each title Capitalize all important words, except articles (a, an, the) and prepositions less than 5 letters

6 Wednesday: Find the title and write correctly The book three weeks in the gold mines was popular. In 1859 a newspaper called the rocky mountain news reported on the search for gold in California. The song my darling clementine immortalized these miners as ‘49ers. Have you read the newspaper article, the california gold rush?

7 Thursday: Write the following correctly much ado about nothing (play) through the tunnel (short story) harry potter and the half-blood prince (movie/book) a wrinkle in time (book)

8 Friday: Find the 2 errors in each sentence and fix them. 1. Yesterday, Tina look up information in the world book encyclopedia. 2. The article Japan’s Bullet Trains talks about the fast trains in Japan 3. I watch the film hook over the weekend. 4. Have you hear the song stardust?

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