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Activities of the European Patent Office Jeremy Philpott WIPO - ICC, 16 September 2008.

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1 Activities of the European Patent Office Jeremy Philpott WIPO - ICC, 16 September 2008

2 Contents Introduction to the European Patent Office Introduction to the European Patent Academy Innovation Support ip4inno EPO PD 51 - International Co-operation

3 The European Patent Office Our mission As the patent office for Europe, we support innovation, competitiveness and economic growth across Europe through a commitment to high quality and efficient services delivered under the European Patent Convention. European Patent Convention covers 34 member states European Patent Office

4 The European Patent Office Filed applications Munich3 514 The Hague2 579 Berlin283 Vienna119 Brussels4 Total6 499 Around 60% are patent examiners Staff (Dec 2007) European Patent Office

5 European Patent Academy Founded in 2005; based in Munich Promotes and supports patent-related IP training in Europe Works in partnership with national patent offices, WIPO and other agencies

6 European Patent Academy - audiences Innovation Support - business advisors et al Academia - university staff & students / TTOs Patent Professionals - EQE Judicial training - judges and litigators Institutional Strengthening - NPOs et al Materials, Media & Technology

7 Innovation Support Seminars & Workshops "Inventors' Handbook" - online "Handbook of European Intellectual Property Management" - publication

8 ip4inno - basics European Commission project, from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2008 2 million Objective is to train business advisors & TTOs in IP topics, who in turn will train other advisors and SMEs Seven work packages Nineteen consortium partners (institutions)

9 ip4inno – consortium partners European Business and Innovation Centres Network CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg FUNDITEC, Spain IWT - Flanders Fraunhofer TEG IEEPI, Strasbourg METU - Technopolis, Turkey Fundación EOI, Spain Universidad Politécnica de Madrid University of Alicante European Patent Office Hungarian Patent Office Portuguese Patent & TM Office National Board of Patents & Registration of Finland Spanish Patent Office INPI, France State IP Office of Croatia Turkish Patent Office Danish Patent Office

10 WP1 WP2 WP4i MS WP3 WP5WP6WP7WP4ii MS = Input from member states WP1 = General Admin WP2 = SME survey WP3 = Web platform WP4 = (i) harvest material WP4 = (ii) create modules WP5 = Train trainers WP6 = Pilot training WP7 = Evaluation

11 ip4inno – Work Packages and Leaders WP1General administration, budget management etc. EPO (PD 5.1) WP2European survey of SME needs. IEEPI 1 WP3Web-based platform for the training materials developed in WP4. EPO (PD 0.8) WP4(i) Harvest existing IP training material from the member states; & (ii) create teaching modules therewith. EPO (PD 5.4) WP5Use material to train trainers; 40 events (each of 1-3 days) in 20 countries. EBN 2 WP6Pilot training programme to prove that those trained in WP5 can train others effectively. HPO 3 WP7 Evaluation. University of Alicante 1 www.ieepi.org2 www.ebn.be3

12 WP4 (ii) Module Topics Day One Industrial Prop.Day Two Unregistered IP module 1A Patent basics - abstract, description, drawings, claims, - filing, search, publication, examination "A" & "B", grant, renewals - National; EPO; PCT; costs - role of the patent attorney - Utility models; Plant varieties module 2A - copyright: what it does and does not protect; infringement; collective licensing societies - database right - software - "reputation" and common law trade marks - unregistered designs - semiconductor topography right module 1B Other Industrial Property - trade marks, RTMs, OHIM, Madrid Protocol, PGIs; domain names - Designs, OHIM module 2B "Soft IP" - Know-how, trade secrecy, confidentiality - Restrictive covenants - "First Mover Advantage" - "business methods"

13 WP4 (ii) Module Topics Day Three - Patent InfoDay Four - commercialisation module 3A - technical information - commercial intelligence - classification schemes - decision-making - patent-mapping - different database providers module 4A - licensing-in & -out - contracts; ownership - spin-outs - selling & buying technology - valuing IP; accounting for IP - patent strategies module 3B Espacenet Tutorial - ECLA; IPC ed.8 - keywords; searching - interpreting results module 4B Building a business - drafting a business plan - sources of finance - marketing innovation

14 WP4 (ii) Module Topics Day FiveDay Six module 5A Enforcement - Mediation and ADR - Litigation; infringement & revocation - counterfeiting & piracy module 6A Issues by Sector - Software & telecomms - Biotech - Creative industries module 5B Problem Workshops - several fictional IP problems in a business scenario to test the knowledge of the audience module 6B How to get IP information, awareness and training to SMEs. "Selling the message"

15 PD 51 - International Co-operation Supports a range of projects, bilateral and multilateral, with other countries. Some work with current and future member states of the European Patent Organisation (e.g. expansion of INPI's "Pre-diagnostic") Other projects, e.g. "Trilateral" (EPO, JPO & USPTO); and with China.

16 Thank you for your attention Jeremy PhilpottEuropean Patent Academy jphilpott@epo.orgEuropean Patent Office +49 89 2399

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