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Ip4inno 2/24/2014 1 WIPO Forum on IP & SMEs IP4Inno – an EU Commission project to train trainers in IP issues for businesses Jeremy Philpott, European.

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1 ip4inno 2/24/2014 1 WIPO Forum on IP & SMEs IP4Inno – an EU Commission project to train trainers in IP issues for businesses Jeremy Philpott, European Patent Office Geneva 14 September 2007 Theme 4: Joint projects based upon intellectual capital sharing

2 ip4inno 2/24/2014 2 IP4Inno - basics European Commission project, from 1 January 2007 to 31 December 2008 2 million Objective is to train business advisors in IP topics, who in turn will train other advisors and SMEs Seven work packages Twenty consortium partners (institutions)

3 ip4inno 2/24/2014 3 IP4Inno – consortium partners European Business and Innovation Centres Network CRP Henri Tudor, Luxembourg FUNDITEC, Spain IWT - Flanders Fraunhofer Patent Centre Fraunhofer TEG IEEPI, Strasbourg METU - Technopolis, Turkey Fundación EOI, Spain Universidad Politécnica de Madrid University of Alicante European Patent Office Hungarian Patent Office Portuguese Patent & TM Office National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland Spanish Patent Office INPI, France State IP Office of Croatia Turkish Patent Office Danish Patent Office

4 ip4inno 2/24/2014 4 WP1 WP2 WP4i MS WP3 WP5WP6WP7WP4ii MS = Input from member states WP1 = General Admin WP2 = SME survey WP3 = Web platform WP4 = (i) harvest material WP4 = (ii) create modules WP5 = Train trainers WP6 = Pilot training WP7 = Evaluation

5 ip4inno 2/24/2014 5 IP4Inno – Work Packages and Leaders WP1General administration, budget management etc. EPO (PD 5.1) WP2European survey of SME needs. IEEPI 1 WP3Web-based platform for the training materials developed in WP4. EPO (PD 0.8) WP4(i) Harvest existing IP training material from the member states; & (ii) create teaching modules therewith. EPO (PD 5.4) WP5Use material to train trainers; 40 events (each of 1-3 days) in 20 countries. EBN 2 WP6Pilot training programme to prove that those trained in WP5 can train others effectively. HPO 3 WP7 Evaluation. University of Alicante 1 www.ieepi.org2 www.ebn.be3

6 ip4inno 2/24/2014 6 WP4(i) - Harvesting During the spring 2007 harvesting of existing IP training material in four streams: (1) Some consortium partners (mostly NPOs) were asked to provide material from their own country. (2) Some MS with no consortium partner were contacted directly by the Academy. (3) The NPOs of three MS with no consortium partner (NL, SE, UK) were asked to harvest in their own country. (4) The Academy also made requests of e.g. ProTon, Eureka, IRCs, WIPO, OHIM, LESI, epi etc.

7 ip4inno 2/24/2014 7 WP4(ii) – creating training modules Over 150 separate IP training materials, in several languages, were catalogued according to topic. Partners declared in May 2007 which modules they wanted to write, supported by the harvested material. During the summer the partners formed into teams of e.g. 2-3 institutions to write a total of 12 modules. Each module to comprise 3 teaching hours and use a range of didactic methods. The EPO and EBN take the lead on Quality Control.

8 ip4inno 2/24/2014 8 WP4 (ii) Module Topics Day One Industrial Prop.Day Two Unregistered IP module 1A Patent basics - abstract, description, drawings, claims, - filing, search, publication, examination "A" & "B", grant, renewals - National; EPO; PCT; costs - role of the patent attorney - Utility models; Plant varieties module 2A - copyright: what it does and does not protect; infringement; collective licensing societies - database right - software - "reputation" and common law trade marks - unregistered designs - semiconductor topography right module 1B Other Industrial Property - trade marks, RTMs, OHIM, Madrid Protocol, PGIs; domain names - Designs, OHIM module 2B "Soft IP" - Know-how, trade secrecy, confidentiality - Restrictive covenants - "First Mover Advantage" - "business methods"

9 ip4inno 2/24/2014 9 WP4 (ii) Module Topics Day Three - Patent InfoDay Four - commercialisation module 3A - technical information - commercial intelligence - classification schemes - decision-making - patent-mapping - different database providers module 4A - licensing-in & -out - contracts; ownership - spin-outs - selling & buying technology - valuing IP; accounting for IP - patent strategies module 3B Espacenet Tutorial - ECLA; ICP ed.8 - keywords; searching - interpreting results module 4B Building a business - drafting a business plan - sources of finance - marketing innovation

10 ip4inno 2/24/2014 10 WP4 (ii) Module Topics Day FiveDay Six module 5A Enforcement - Mediation and ADR - Litigation; infringement & revocation - counterfeiting & piracy module 6A Issues by Sector - Software & telecomms - Biotech - Creative industries module 5B Problem Workshops - several fictional IP problems in a business scenario to test the knowledge of the audience module 6B How to get IP information, awareness and training to SMEs. "Selling the message"

11 ip4inno 2/24/2014 11 IP4Inno – Work Package 5 As WP4(ii) concludes, WP5 begins, led by EBN (Robert Sanders; Oct 2007 - Oct 2008, delivery of 40 training events, each1-3 days long, to audiences of ca 20 trainees. This will test, develop and refine the teaching material made, which will also be made available on the IP4Inno web platform (WP3) during 2008 Appeal!- Who wants to help us teach & train? - Who can help us attract the audiences?

12 ip4inno 2/24/2014 12 IP4Inno Thank you for your attention Jeremy PhilpottEuropean Patent Academy jphilpott@epo.orgEuropean Patent Office +49 89 2399

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