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1 Surveys of the Technical Commissions and Programmes.

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1 1 Surveys of the Technical Commissions and Programmes

2 2 Parameters for Mapping of Activities WMO result-based budgeting Seven Gap areas of the DPM Programme Project Status: –On-going Programme, –Implementation Phase, –Work Plan Development Phase, –Concept Phase, Project Scope: –Global –Regional –National –Combination

3 3 Parameters for Mapping of Activities (Continued) Deliverables and Timelines Crosscutting Collaboration –WMO Network (TCs, Programmes, RAs) External Partners Budgetary Issues

4 4 Status of the Survey Launched in August 2006 –Technical Commission DPM Focal Points –Programme Departments Directors Response as of November 20, 2006 –All eight Commissions have responded –WWW, TCP, WCP, HWR, IPCC, AREP and AeM, AgM, and MMOP 48 Projects have been Identified (Doc. 11)

5 5 Technical Commissions and Related Programmes

6 6 Seven Gap Areas (Clarification Doc. 2) GA 1Mainstreaming NMHS and their technical capacities in the national disaster risk management and development planning and legislation GA 2Strengthening capacities for hazard monitoring, maintenance of standardized databases, and methodologies for hazard analysis in support of risk management applications GA 3Strengthening capacities for end-to-end operational hazard early detection and warnings supported by strong governance, organizational and operational capacities GA 4Strengthening capacities for provision of meteorological services in support of pre- and post-disaster emergency response and relief operations GA 5Facilitation of partnerships among NMHSs and other key national agencies for a more coordinated approach to DRM GA 6Strengthening educational and training programmes of NMHSs and their key stakeholders in DRM such as authorities, emergency response operators and media GA 7Development of public outreach programmes and materials

7 7 Synthesis of TC and Programme Projects on Seven Gap Areas (Doc. 2, 11)

8 8 Five Strategic Thrusts ST1Systems improvements in support of observing, detecting, monitoring, forecasting and warnings, and global telecommunications ST2Strengthening contributions to risk assessment for different sectoral applications ST3Strengthening contributions to disaster risk management with strong focus on prevention and preparedness –Long- and medium-term sectoral planning –Early warning systems –Risk transfer mechanisms ST4Strengthening of organizational mechanisms vertically and horizontally –International –Regional –National –Local ST5WMO governance and organizational mechanisms across Members, RAs, TCs and Programmes to facilitate WMO DPM operating plan implementation

9 9 Synthesis of TC and Programme Projects on Five DPM Strategic Thrusts for DPM Operating Plan

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