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WMO’s Activities in Disaster Risk Reduction

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1 WMO’s Activities in Disaster Risk Reduction
WMO-JMA Public Forum Workshop WMO’s Activities in Disaster Risk Reduction by Dr. Maryam Golnaraghi Chief Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Programme 21 January 2005

2 Global distribution of natural hazards (1993-2002)
90 % of Natural Disasters are related to Weather, Water, and Climate Source: CRED

3 Evolution of Natural Disasters and Their Impacts
(source: CRED)

4 Developing Countries are Hit the Hardest…
(source: CRED)

5 Role of WMO and NMHS’s in Natural Disaster Risk Reduction
Observing Monitoring Detecting Forecast and early warnings Vulnerability analysis and risk assessment Public awareness Sector-specific applications

6 Natural hazards do not need to become natural disasters …

7 WMO’s Global Network

8 WMO Network of Global and Specialized Regional Centres

9 WMO and National Meteorological and Hydrological Services Detect, Monitor and Issue Early Warnings for a Wide Range of Hazards

10 Early warning systems including effective alert and response mechanisms at the community level could prevent hazards from becoming disasters

11 WMO Global Tropical Cyclone Monitoring and Early Warning System has Proven to be Highly Effective

12 Moving ahead …. Goal: Further improve early warnings systems for all hazards and ensure that they are available to all countries, Particularly those with least resources Action: WMO, through its scientific and technical programmes and in working with the NMHSs is working towards this goal. Strategy: Through an enhanced coordinated, integrated, user-driven approach and strong partnerships with various stakeholders, WMO will accelerate this process.

13 Need for Tsunami Early warning Systems in at-Risk Regions
Partnerships – UNESCO-IOC, the leading UN agency in development of Tsunami early Warnings, and other key players Coordinated and phased approach to ensure WMO’s capabilities are optimally delivered Role of NMHSs Capacity building and technology transfer Awareness raising among risk managers and public

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