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1 –project Wakening up motivation to experience
Mr. Mikko Manninen - ExperienceLapland.TV –project Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences Workshop 2 – “Boosting Business Potential in the Creative Sector – How can it be done?” –project Wakening up motivation to experience

2 What is it about? ExperienceLapland.TV is a multi-channel web-television channel which broadcasts program produced by individuals and companies in Lapland. The target group is global audience which is interested in travelling to Lapland and experiencing northern wonderland themselves. The purpose of ExperienceLapland.TV is to offer local providers a gateway to present the wonders of Lapland to global audience via the rich media content of easy accessible Internet-television


4 - part of Experience industry
Experience Industry represents production or business branch which pursues the staging of settings for customers’ emotional experiences. Experience Industry is also an innovation environment or a cluster where different fields of expertise and operators meet each other for interactive product development. These non-linear innovative processes aim at production of added value for the customer. Experience industry increases in Lapland 4-5% per year (jobs, places of business, revenue) Source: LCEEI - Lapland Centre of Expertise for the Experience Industry 2005

5 Experience pyramid Text = minimum Arial 24
(Tarssanen & Kylänen, 2005).

6 Choosing and booking travels entering Internet
Online trade and rich-media searches for travel destinations increase constantly. (E.g. Youtube, VSocial, google earth) Booking travels on Internet doubled among European consumers during the past year. Source: Forrester’s Consumer Technographics® 2005 US and November 2004 European benchmark surveys, UKIUM Fourth Quarter 2004 online study.

7 The shared goals of creative businesses and traditional industry
By this far, creative businesses have suffered from small size and lack of know-how in business By combining know-how and searching for shared goals, it’s possible to solve problems and modernize the function of traditional industry with the methods of creative businesses and in response, increase the know-how of business in creative businesses.

8 Open minded co-operation of tourism,audiovisual and experience industry
Thank you – welcome to experience Lapland! Contact: Mr. Mikko Manninen Kemi-Tornio University of Applied Sciences

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