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Intersol Group LTD Company Profile. Audience description A cumulative audience size of : 7,200,000 People in Israel: 1,200,000 The Russian speaking people.

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1 Intersol Group LTD Company Profile

2 Audience description A cumulative audience size of : 7,200,000 People in Israel: 1,200,000 The Russian speaking people in Israel: 350,000,000 Our potential audience – the Russian speaking people around the globe – the 5th most spoken language in the world!

3 INTERSOL - Our vision Our company is: An all purpose international interactive media company with strategic partnerships in Israel, Russia, the CIS and America focusing on the global Russian- speaking market. Our Focus is concentrated: Interactive Technologies Advertising sales across diverse interactive media channels Creation of content for multi-platform use. Our Strategy is directed to Target the 350+ million global Russian-speakers through innovative interactive media content, advertising, and technological applications starting with the Russian Federation and CIS.

4 Our strategic Partnerships Intersol Group has strategic partners in Israel, Russia, and around the globe in order to leverage its profile and positioning in the countries that it operates. We have string ties with Rambler Media, Smile Media Group and Gameland. Intersol is strengthening its Russian market position through its technological capabilities and experience working with well known clients on major projects of a diverse nature.

5 Interactive television portal in Russian, the first such worldwide portal, in cooperation with YES Satellite Broadcasting Russian language content for ORANGE, Cellcom & Pelephone Cellular Communications WAP Russian language portal for ORANGE & Cellcom Cellular Communications IMOD Russian language portal for CELLCOM Cellular Communications Interactive content for 3rd generation mobile devices – An international project, uniting Russian-speakers beyond Russia’s borders; created jointly with BARAK 013 - A leading informational catalogue of higher and specialized education in Israel; created jointly with WALLA company Interactive Division – projects & services

6 Intersol produces unique Russian language content channels, packaged three types of media suitable for: Internet Mobile Cellular Interactive TV Package Format specific IVR, WAP/GPRS, SMS, MMS, JAVA, Open TV, NDS, HTTP These content services include a large selection of entertainment and informative subjects, such as: News channels – current affairs, economy, sports, weather Game channels – interactive games in various formats Entertainment and leisure channels – humor, horoscopes, sports, movies, music, theater Life style channels – useful information, professional advice Interactive Division - content

7 INTERSOL MEDIA HOUSE is a unique integrated one-stop automated system for media planning and media plan execution, developed by Intersol. We offer our customers: Exclusive advertising placement and representation rights for leading Russian-language Internet sites targeting markets in Israel A long-term cooperation agreement with the world’s leading media agencies. Original technologies, software and database solutions. Adherence to the highest standards of professional ethics. Media Division

8 Portfolio or advertisers Our portfolio of advertisers – the largest Israeli and international brands: Direct clients Russian sector agencies Public & official Israel organizations Interactive agencies International clients

9 Tech Division Intersol is a leading multilingual Internet site designer, whose head office is located in Tel Aviv, Israel. Our focus is building Internet sites for large commercial and public companies that call for a specialized approach to the Russian language market. This service includes design and implementation of FLASH presentations, JAVA applications, database programming, complicated search engines, content management modules, and more…

10 Tech Division - services Design and creation of interactive web sites Implementation of web based multimedia presentations. Web site development, including content management and data base systems. Transformation of printed materials into effective online marketing Multilingual websites - translation and editing Domain name registration Website hosting and online support Search engine optimization PHP/ASP/PERL programming, JAVA applications

11 Intersol Media Brand Consultancy Division With our experienced professional staff, Intersol offers clients fully integrated in-house solutions from start to finish, including, branding and brand management, marketing, advertising, public relations and product promotions. By positioning ourselves as the “bridge” between Israeli, American, and European companies that wish to expand into Russia, we have the technology and international media consultants that can: help Russian companies to transform from traditional media companies to multi- media conglomerates by integrating new media solutions. help American, Israel, and European companies establish themselves or their products and services in Russia, Israel, or the CIS.

12 Thank You

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