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Video Marketing Overview Presented to Software Council of Southern California.

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1 Video Marketing Overview Presented to Software Council of Southern California

2 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.2 What is video marketing? CD-ROM “video brochure”  Enhance or replace traditional print brochure for direct marketing campaigns. DVD presentation  Help stop traffic at your trade show booth or enhance critical sales meetings DVD Main Screen

3 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.3 What is video marketing? Streaming video from website Multimedia email PDA/Mobile Phone/USB Drive

4 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.4 Why video marketing? Video is the most powerful multimedia marketing tool  70% more likely to make a purchase after viewing video*  Spend over five times more in online purchases* Replaces in-person sales demonstrations  Reduces sales and related costs (travel, etc.)  Enhances products distinguished by motion or sound *Source: Arbitron/Edison Media

5 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.5 Why video marketing? Rapid adoption of broadband internet driving video  85% of businesses and 29% of consumers have broadband  Allows delivery of high quality content Digital video technology makes production and distribution more affordable and effective  Cost less to produce than with traditional broadcast equipment  Quality of delivery starting to compete with broadcast *Source: Arbitron/Edison Media

6 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.6 Why video marketing? Direct Marketing Comparison: How Vmatrix marketing tools will improve your ROI

7 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.7 What content is best for video? Testimonials from your most satisfied customers Demonstrations by your top sales people Passionate company mission statement from your CEO Narrated tour of your service or production facilities New product or press release announcements Internal or customer training

8 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.8 Video marketing examples Corporate/Product Video Video Coupon Software Product Preview (Clicking links will show video in your web browser.)

9 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.9 Video marketing examples Customer Testimonial Executive Welcome Video Press Release (Clicking links will show video in your web browser.)

10 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.10 Video production guidelines Producing video doesn’t have to be expensive  Solutions can be tailored to fit any budget  Costs can range from $2,000 to $15,000 depending on content Make sure you are getting a high-quality video  Professionally produced marketing video should include: Script development and on-location camera crew Editing, music, graphics, and professional narration  Ask to see examples of previous work, specifically any work they have done in your industry  Contact references to determine the quality of the work and the responsiveness of the provider Video should be produced for digital AND broadcast distribution!

11 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.11 Video production process

12 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.12 Typical production timeline Timeline mostly depends on responsive and decisive client review and feedback of script, visual sequence, design and video content Generally, videos can be produced with minimal time commitment from the client Week 1DeliverableWeek 2Week 3Week 4 Script Design All Media Complete Field Production Video Alpha Draft Video Beta Draft Integration & Test

13 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.13 Video streaming guidelines Offer all major player types for both broadband and dial-up Make it easy  Auto-detect viewer’s video player and connection speed  No downloading of video or software should be required Brand your video player

14 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.14 Multimedia email Graphic-rich email integrated with video provides a powerful sales and support tool Promote products and services Send updates and special offers to your customers Deliver announcements to the media with a video press release Monthly or weekly newsletters Use one or many different templates Deliver your video directly to your target audience!

15 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.15 Multimedia email guidelines Send one email or thousands of messages at a time Send HTML and text-only messages simultaneously Create your own emails and campaigns in real-time Import contact lists and customize message using personalized information Newsletters - Strengthen your relationships with current clients or new prospects

16 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.16 Multimedia email guidelines Schedule email to be sent at specific dates and times Track individual & campaign results:  Who opens your emails  Which links each person clicked  When and to whom the email was forwarded

17 Confidential - Vmatrix, Inc.17 Summary The rapid adoption of broadband combined with advances in digital video technology make delivering rich content via multimedia email affordable and highly effective!

18 Thank You To see more video samples, please visit our website at For a live demo of our multimedia email delivery and tracking system, please call the Vmatrix Sales Department Ph. 310-727-3310

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