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Maintenance workshop 25.11.2010 Herwig Chantrain Division Safety & Quality Manager.

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1 Maintenance workshop 25.11.2010 Herwig Chantrain Division Safety & Quality Manager

2 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 2 GDF SUEZ Energy Services BU Tractebel Engineering BU Power & Gas Companies Airport Solutions Fabricom IO (B), Fabricom AS (N), Fabricom Contracting Ltd (UK), Fabricom Offshore Services (UK), Fabricom bv (NL) Cofely Airport Services (Paris, Brussels, Montreal), Logan Teleflex (Hull, Paris, Brussels, Louisville) Oil, Gas & Power I I BU Belgium BU France Energy Services BU International BU The Netherlands BU France Installations and Related Services Turnover 1,65 B Manpower 11.500

3 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 3 Organisation chart Belgian Operations Belgian Operations Luc De Winter General Manager Waterways, Airports, Ports, Marine & Buildings Peter Scheirs High Voltage Dirk Van Belle Distribution Jacques Ampe Communication & Security André Coppens Rail, Roads, Environment Mark Dirckx Industry North Steven Saerens Industry South Bernard Arimont Energy & Environment Johny Hermans Maintenance, Services & Panels Philippe Deneve Dept. Piping & Mechanical Steven Saerens Julien Haesen Dept. Electrical & Instrumentation Marc Van Cutsem (Projects NC) Guido Vidal (Frame Agreements NC) Marcel Bertjens (NE) Dominique Vervecken (NW) Dept. Process Solutions Dominique Vervecken Dept. Piping & Mechanical Vincent Ringlet Dept. Electrical & Instrumentation Philippe Cession Patrick Roosen Dept. Maintenance & Process Solutions Philippe Delmelle Dept. Underground Piping Jean-Pierre Coucke Dept. Energy & Environment Arthur Meersman Dept. Energy Services Michel Kersten Dept. Panels Serge Van den Eynden Dept. Maintenance Rudy Casier Dept. Specialised Services Eddy Willems Waterways/Airports Ports/Marine Buildings Dept. North Dept. South Lines Substations Underground Networks Systems Security Rail Environment Roads North Roads South Dept. Mechanical Workshops Eddy Francken Dept. Zelzate Hub Willy Tollenaere

4 Maintenance on Site

5 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 5 Maintenance on Site Total maintenance of process and utility plants Maintenance of rotating equipment Turbines, compressors, pumps, onshore wind farms, blowers, gearboxes,… Partnership with equipment manufacturers Condition monitoring (vibration measurement, oil analysis, infrared images,…) Re-engineering of pumps Lubrication contracts Maintenance in nuclear power plants Maintenance in incinerators Key elements 24/7 service Multidisciplinary teams 3 locations Back-up support from workshops

6 Safe Maintenance

7 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 7 Risks during maintenance Energy on the systems (electricity, pressure, chemical products) Lack of knowledge of the installation (outsourcing) Pressure of time (trouble-shooting, intervention) Communication (linguistic problems, difference in safety culture and perception) Choice of partners based on costs High demands – low costs

8 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 8 Target : zero fatal incidents High costs Loss of image Criminal prosecution Human harm

9 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 9 Rules X number of customers Multinational Contractor Subcontractor (SME) Maintenance employee Local legislation + Global standards + Site rules + Contractor rules + Company rules

10 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 10 Pressure on the maintenance employee Qualified in his/her specialty Extra qualifications Knowledge of the safety rules Administration Linguistic skill Salary

11 Large structures vs SME You don't have to start out understanding each other. You have to end up understanding each other. (Buddingh)

12 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 12 Different safety cultures Large structure Unrealistic safety demands Dont follow their own safety rules Deviate from safety rules when urgent Tolerance policy Limited safety policy Unqualified personnel Few means Many demands for the person carrying out the work Linguistic problems Fraud SME Different safety cultures

13 Collaboration Doing everything oneself, is adding up. Collaborating is multiplying.

14 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 14 Working with a third party – European legislation employerthird parties employee instructions + training instructions + training information check instructions training

15 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 15 Contractor management Good communication between the different partners Screening partners – database Not only impose rules but also coaching white crow Contractor manager Trainings (in own workshop) Contractor days Joint purchase Expertise Safety Manager Audit Risk analysis Site visit

16 Maintenance workshop25/11/2010 | 16 Contractor management Need each other in order to achieve objectives Consider subcontractors as own employees Incorporate all safety data in own statistics Enhance standard with all partners (at times educate customer, mostly customer high demands) Uniform rules different companies VCA (safety checklist for contractors) http://www.besacc- Exchange data

17 There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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