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ROSSHALL ACADEMY “Our School, Our Future” S4 Assembly 25 th March 2010.

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1 ROSSHALL ACADEMY “Our School, Our Future” S4 Assembly 25 th March 2010

2 Our Shared Values Aspiration Compassion Creativity Integrity Perseverance Respect

3 Integrity Sticking to your principles or standards. Making morally correct decisions even when not everyone else agrees with you.

4 Integrity depends on TRUST OPENNESS HONESTY

5 We Show Integrity When… We keep to our word and don’t let others down We accept responsibility for our wrongdoing We tell the truth even when we know we won’t be found out We are open and honest with people We make the correct choice, to do the right thing.

6 S4 SQA EXAMS 26 th April – 4 th June 2010 You will shortly be issued with an exam guide, including a code of conduct, a timetable and an SCN (Scottish Candidate Number). Check and double check, for each subject: Which level or levels you are sitting The time of your exam The location of your exam What you need to produce before the exam, to be allowed to sit the exam What equipment you need during the exam

7 Code of Conduct All pupils are reminded of the SQA Exam Code of Conduct. Any pupil who breaks this code of conduct may be asked to leave the examination room and could be disqualified from one or more exams.

8 Code of Conduct: General General Wear school uniform to all exams Arrive in good time – about 10 minutes before the exam starts Check you have been given the correct exam paper Read all instructions Listen carefully to all announcements / additional instructions Write in black or dark blue pen Use a pencil for rough work, diagrams etc Remember to cross out all rough work If you feel unwell, tell the invigilator Put your name and Scottish Candidate Number on all work Stay in the room until the exam has finished.

9 Conduct During Exams Do not help any other candidate Do not get help from any other candidate Do not talk, turn around or cause any disturbance

10 Forbidden Items The following items are forbidden in the examination room: Mobile phones Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) IPods / MP3 players or other electronic devices Spell checker Calculator with inappropriate data Pencil case / calculator case Books / notes / sketches / paper

11 Coincident Exams See Ms Dunlop ASAP for arrangements.

12 EXAM REVISION Know what you have to do. Make a revision plan Revise effectively Practise exam questions

13 “Our School, Our Future” Our Future”

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