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St Andrew’s & St Bride’s High S4 SQA Examinations.

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1 St Andrew’s & St Bride’s High S4 SQA Examinations

2 WHERE? Examinations will take place mainly in the Games Hall and Social Subjects classrooms

3 WHEN? It is each individual pupil’s responsibility to know the date and start times of their examinations and any specific requirements e.g. calculators, rulers, pens, etc In the event of an emergency and they are unable to be present for an exam, they must inform the school Attendance is required only for the duration of an examination. When a day’s examinations are finished, students may leave the premises

4 STUDY LEAVE There is study leave for the SQA Examinations. On a day when pupils do not have an examination they will not be expected to attend school. If pupils wish to visit the school to talk to any of their teachers they are free to do so. If they do visit the school they must wear their school uniform

5 RULES & REGULATIONS The S.Q.A. Invigilators will be supervising the examinations. Failure to follow any of their instructions will probably result in a pupil’s examination paper being cancelled S1, S2, S3 and classes will be continuing as normal. Therefore during breaks between examinations, all pupils must not interrupt the work of these classes Pupils requiring school meals can still attend the school canteen

6 MORE IMPORTANTLY… School uniform must be worn during the examinations No mobile phones are allowed into the examination room.

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