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Year 11 Summer Exams 2015 Information For Parents.

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1 Year 11 Summer Exams 2015 Information For Parents

2 Summer External Examination Dates The first external written examination is Monday 11 th May 2014 (RE) The last external written examination is Monday 22 nd June 2014 (Product design )

3 Practical Examinations Take place during straight after the Easter Break GCSE Music Practical Exam. Students will be given a time slot on 20 th, 22 nd 27 th or 29 th April. GCSE PE Moderation Day (date set by exam board) GCSE Double Applied Art 21 st April and the 28 th April. GCSE Single Art the class will be split on the 21 st and 28 th April and then all together on the 24 th April. ( can I remind you that the sketch books MUST be sorted to accompany the exam piece.

4 Revision Timetable Each full GCSE will be allocated at least one extra revision session This year it has been very difficult to do this as the exams are more tightly packed together and there are more exams to sit! This means that a couple of sessions have had to be tt while a different exam is taking place…..exam take priority! Revision sessions are compulsory and you will receive a phone call if your son or daughter does not arrive. The students should come prepared for these sessions with books and pens etc If transport is an issue…speak to us before 8 th May

5 Typical day Morning Two hour revision slot for Geography If you don’t study Geography private revision at home Afternoon Another revision slot or an exam

6 Daily Routine School Uniform Must Be Worn! AM Exams – meet in Lecture Theatre at 8:40am unless indicated. PM Exams – meet in Lecture Theatre at 1:00pm unless indicated. The exam timetable says the exam starts at 9.30 and 1.30. These are the exam start times and not arrival times

7 More Daily Routine… Students should check the whiteboard outside the lecture theatre – this will give reminders and key information. Seating plans and exam times will be posted outside the lecture theatre and exam rooms. Students will be met, and we have designed a structure that hopefully calms nerves but also prepares the students to do an exam

8 Illness or other problems If there is a problem contact us ASAP. You can leave a message for me or Mrs. Clifton on 01384 551000 or 01384 551023. reception is not open until 8.15 If your child is ill we have two choices: come and have a go at the paper, sitting at the back or in a different room with the invigilators aware that the student is not well or we will need a Dr note if the student is not sitting the paper. If you are stuck in traffic, missed the coach, fell off a wheely bin or anything else we can help as long as you let us know.

9 Personal Exam Timetables Students should check exam timetables carefully. Speak to someone if you think there is an error. STRAIGHT AWAY. The earlier an error on an exam timetable is rectified – the better!!! IMPORTANT DOCUMENT – KEEP IT SAFE!! We will issue students with a couple of timetables – one could go in a prominent position at home!


11 CLASHES OF EXAMS Provisional info is showing a couple of clashes Business and Music GCSE Further Maths and Physics Students have to remain supervised between examinations so will need to bring lunch etc

12 Equipment Bring the equipment you need for the exam in a clear pencil case or bag. BLACK BALLPOINT PEN x 2 PENCIL RUBBER RULER CALCULATOR (For Science and Maths, without lid) COLOURING PENCILS (For DT) Other specific equipment.



15 Other Information Bottled water or weak squash is allowed in clear, see-through bottle - any labels must have already been removed. NO FIZZY DRINKS Sweets! Trained external exam invigilators will be used.

16 Any concerns at all through the exam period just ASK

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