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Year 7/8 School Exams Week commencing 13 th May 2013 DATE8.45AM START11.15AM START2.00PM START Week 1 Wednesday 15 th May 13 Y8 Maths Paper 1 1h/45m Thursday.

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1 Year 7/8 School Exams Week commencing 13 th May 2013 DATE8.45AM START11.15AM START2.00PM START Week 1 Wednesday 15 th May 13 Y8 Maths Paper 1 1h/45m Thursday 16 th May 13 Y8 Maths Paper 2 1h/45m Y8 English Week 2 Wednesday 12 th June13 Y7 Maths P1 1h/45m Y7 English Thursday 13 th June 13 Y7 Maths Paper 2 1h/45m Exams in Lady Mabel Hall

2 Year 7/8 School Exams Week commencing 13 th May 2013 Exams in class rooms All other exams will take place during your normal lesson times in the classrooms.

3 EQUIPMENT What you will need in the exam room... Basic Equipment: Black Pen (take spares) Pencil Ruler Rubber Sharpener Calculator For Specific Exams you may need.. Coloured Pencils Compass Protractor Highlighters Mathematical equipment

4 Pencil Cases must be transparent. Anything that is not, must be left in your bags. Make sure you have everything you need for the exam before it starts. YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO GO BACK TO YOUR BAG AFTER THE EXAM HAS STARTED. You may take a water bottle into the exam providing that the label has been removed.

5 UNIFORM For all your exams, you are expected to attend in full school uniform. If you object to this rule, then we will ask you to leave until you comply with this.

6 INVIGILATORS Invigilators are easily identified by the badges they wear. They are in the exam room to make sure the exam process runs smoothly and to prevent any malpractice. Students are expected to behave in a respectful manner toward all invigilators and follow their instructions at all times. If there is a problem whilst you are in the exam room, you must raise your hand and an invigilator will come to you. You must not shout out as this will cause a distraction to other candidates in the room. Please note that invigilators cannot discuss the examination paper with you or explain the questions.

7 BAGS Bags must be left in a appropriate place depending which exam room you are in. LADY MABEL HALL – Bags need to be in the left in the foyer area of Lady Mabel Hall. You will enter the examination room through the front doors. All bags will be supervised prior to coming in to the exam and will be safely locked away until the exam is finished.

8 MOBILE PHONES Mobile phones are not allowed into the examination rooms. They must be switched off and left in your bags. Please make sure that you do not leave them in your pockets.

9 UNAUTHORISED MATERIAL If you are found to have any of these items on you even if you didn’t intend to use them, then you will be reported to the awarding body and you WILL NOT be allowed to sit the rest of your exams. You MUST NOT have any unauthorised equipment on you in the Examination Room. These include: Rough notes Books Mobile Phones / IPods / MP3 Players Bags / Coats Calculator Cases / Leaflets

10 DURING THE EXAM Make sure you have the correct exam paper in front of you. Read the instructions carefully on the front of the page. Please complete all the boxes including your name, signature, candidate number and centre number in the spaces provided, in BLACK INK. (Other names = Forename, middle name/ Surname = last name) If you make a mistake, just cross through it with a single line and continue in the space provided. You must not use TIPPEX to correct your mistakes. If you need extra paper, put up your hand and an invigilator will provide this for you.

11 DURING THE EXAM Highlighters and gel pens must not be used in any of your answers. You can however, use them to highlight text on your question papers but must not, in any circumstances, be used in your answers. You MUST NOT communicate with any other candidate. You MUST NOT ask another candidate for help or give help to another candidate. If you need anything, put your hand up to attract the invigilators attention. Toilet visits are not allowed in exams under 1 hour, unless you have a medical condition. We suggest that you visit the toilet before you come into the exam room. When you have finished, CHECK your work carefully. You will not be allowed to leave the exam early even if you have finished.

12 If the fire alarm sounds, please remain seated and in silence and wait for the invigilators instructions. DO NOT PANIC. If you have to evacuate the room you will be asked to leave in SILENCE and in the order in which you are seated. You will be escorted to a designated assembly point. Leave everything on your desk. DURING THE EXAM Fire Alarm

13 You must not attempt to communicate with anyone else during the evacuation. When you return to the exam room do not start writing until the invigilator tells you to do so. You will be allowed the full working time for the examination. A report will be sent to the awarding body detailing the incident. DURING THE EXAM Fire Alarm cont...

14 ABSENCE FROM EXAMINATIONS If you experience difficulties during the examination periods (e.g. Illness, injury, personal problems) please inform school at the earliest possible point so we can help or advise you. Please note that misreading the timetable will not be accepted as a satisfactory explanation of absence. You will be asked to pay for any missed exams without a reasonable explanation.

15 Look at this photo. What is good for revision? What is not good for revision?

16 Try to consider the following points when planning your revision over the few days....

17 EXAM TIPS It's not good sitting for three hours texting your friends with good intentions of revising! Revise for 20 minutes, then have a 10 minute break. Then revise for a further 20 minutes, then have a break. Some people can manage up to 40 minute revision chunks but never break for more than 10 minutes!

18 PLAN REVISION !! Plan separate blocks or revision for each subject. Don't mix up English, Maths and Science all in one session

19 PLAN REVISION !! Look at your exam timetable and prioritise when you need to revise what. There's no point in planning a revision slot for Maths after the exam has taken place!

20 Don't rely on websites to tell you what to revise. What have your teachers set you? This MIGHT NOT be the same as your friends so make sure you are revising something useful which helps you achieve your own targets. REVISE WHAT YOUR TEACHERS HAVE SET YOU.

21 PLAN YOUR ‘REST TIME’... When will you eat ? …Have you had any fresh air ? …Are you going to bed early so your body and mind can relax ?

22 PLAY ‘TEACHERS’ Ask your family to let you teach them what you've learnt We remember 90% more of what we ' teach' to somebody else... Plan a session to do the at the end of each block of revising.

23 With good planning and good organisation you will do better in your exams.

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