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PROJECT Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming into Regional Government and Authorities of Styria Bettina Vollath, Minister for Youth, Women, Family and.

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1 PROJECT Implementation of Gender Mainstreaming into Regional Government and Authorities of Styria Bettina Vollath, Minister for Youth, Women, Family and Education

2 Equality or inequality of women and men has social and economic consequences and effects. The social, employment and economic system, as well as cultural norms and values have to anchor the advancement of gender equality. Integration of GM into the daily work of regional policy and administration means, that equality of women and men is a cross-cutting issue and the gender perspective is a matter of course. It needs awareness of the fact that everything which concerns human beings, concerns women and men. GM does not put the general strategy into question – equality goals have to be integrated into each strategic objective. Gender Mainstreaming is a top-down strategy, thus only those who are at the controls or are explicitly authorized can launch the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming. Basic principles

3 In the framework of the two EQUAL Development Partnerships (DPs) JUST GEM and POP UP GeM, Styria started a simultaneous and consolidated process of Gender Mainstreaming (GM) in 2003. This involved all organisations with political impact to gear their policy, programmes, products and public services towards equality for women and men. The past few years have brought an immense growth in understanding of what gender mainstreaming means to the employment policy landscape. The concept and systematic way to implement Gender Mainstreaming has been disseminated. POP UP GeM carried out seminars and increased the operational competence of decision makers in substantiated planning processes for political strategies. Starting point

4 The project of Styrian Government The experiences and the interaction of our activities within the Equal projects made it clear that structures have to be changed. In 2006 the Government of Styria followed my proposal and decided unanimously to establish a powerful Project to implement Gender Mainstreaming. Furthermore, new competence needed for implementing GM shall be developed within the government and the regional authorities. In March 2007 we started a project to implement GM, which will last for three years. It has a budget of 130.000 Euro per year and is managed by two Gender Mainstreaming experts. Currently all departments of the Styrian Government develop concrete pilot- projects. For example: Integration of GM into law and guidelines for business development and funding of technology and innovation; integration of gender equality into the overall concepts of regional development; equality between women and men within touristic offers and marketing or integration of GM into structures of schools and alignment of school activities toward equality.

5 The project aims to push the implementation of Gender Mainstreaming further so that the orientation towards equality becomes a self evident principle within all political decisions and in all fields of activity. Within the departments of the Styrian Government concrete pilot-projects will be carried out. These projects will have explanatory power within the department and the effects should be visible for all stake-holders and target groups. The results of these projects will be transferred into the whole organisation. Aim of the project

6 3 Dimensions of our Organisation 1. Dimension: Strategy (governing objectives, guiding principles) 2. Dimension: Structures (Processes, procedures, expiration) 3. Dimension: Culture (guiding values, know-how) GM: Integrated equality goals Existing objectives GM: Structures have to be changed! GM-know-how has to be built up Concept of GM

7 Structure of the project Organisations and Institutions Administration Reg. Parliament Government Governor responsible Dep. Dep Effects and impact for citizens

8 Pilotproject department Vollath Objectives of the pilotproject : The supporting and educational environment of 6 to15 year old young persons develops the clear understanding that occupational careers can be very different for men and women and is aware of the various effects of these differences. Structures and processes are designed in such a way that they encourage the choice of occupational careers against all gender stereotypes. 6 to 15 year old young persons are encouraged to become aware of their freedom to choose. Documentation and transfer of results and findings.

9 Structure of the pilotproject policy administration municipalities girls, boys, parents teachers edu carreer councellors schools, teachers Workshops Conference Planning measures Analysis Evaluation department

10 Activities of the pilot project Workshops with students in order to find out, make visible and eventually break up their gender constructs in the areas of choice of employment and the course of their career. Workshops to survey and reflect upon teachers' gender constructs in the areas of work and choice of employment. Visualising and information on facts and analysis of structures in the life of women and men, established visions for the future and the choices between the involved groups (Principle of heterogeneity). Playfully create and formulate constructions and visualisations of alternative models and career options. Video support and documentation of all activities. Reporting of all results and changes in the course of the project to all involved groups.

11 Expected measures in the field Measures which will be planned could be Training of gender competence as a part of teachers education and at the teachers academy Reflexion of the effects of role-models Change of procedures and school activities which presuppose mothers who are available at any time Analysis of the differences of the approach of girls and boys to technical vs. social subjects and active encouragement of both to both to avoid gender stereotypes. Round tables with municipal representatives und pupils with regard to communal structures effecting professional histories and/or work-life balance

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