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Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!. It’s _______________. Fill in the time and period. You are in room A104. You may be thinking, “Am I in the right.

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Presentation on theme: "Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!. It’s _______________. Fill in the time and period. You are in room A104. You may be thinking, “Am I in the right."— Presentation transcript:

1 Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

2 It’s _______________. Fill in the time and period. You are in room A104. You may be thinking, “Am I in the right place?” If your schedule says Mrs. Phyllis Walker, English I, then you are in the right room!

3 If you have a technological device with you which allows you to send an email, please take it out, and send an email to me at the following address: When you have finished, please turn OFF your device, and stow it in a place where it will be SAFE for the duration of the period. Thanks!

4 I will reply to your email and forward this PowerPoint to you at 4pm. This procedure works any day that I am not involved in a motor vehicle collision, or that the zombie apocalypse does not occur.

5 Daily Vocabulary/Notes Analyze Literacy Questioning Summarize

6 Contact Information email (903) 677-6920 Private Practice: T/Th/F, 3:00 - 4:30pm Call or email for an appointment, please. Leave a message with Mrs. Valencia or Mrs. Brown if you call. If I am in a mandatory team meeting, I will return your call as soon as possible.

7 MISSION Mrs. Walker’s English I (Lit. & Comp.) class is a respectful classroom established to build a foundation for excellence in literacy through academic, behavioral, and social success.

8 WELCOME to English I ! Welcome to English I, (Lit. & Comp.) I am here to teach; you are here to learn. I will do my job; you will do yours, and together we will utilize this year wisely and beneficially. A positive attitude is the key to success. Let’s keep it all the time.

9 Class Syllabus Summary Short Stories Novels Dramas Orations What works will we explore?

10 Poetry Essays Selected works Major Assignments Web Quests Novels Dramas Data Cards Novels Dramas Critical Analyses Major Works Seminars

11 “The Code” – short guideline list Feel free to do anything you want as long as it doesn’t cause a problem. If a problem occurs, I will do something.

12 Class Policies There are only four basic classroom policies (guidelines). Following these policies will help keep our class environment peaceful and productive. If you choose not to adhere to the policies, there will be logical consequences.

13 Why do we have policies? A policy is a plan that guides our actions. To do things effectively, we have to adhere to some common sense policies: Governments invoke laws to help maintain peaceful communities. Companies have by-laws in order to facilitate productive work environments. Games have rules to create a baseline standard of play. »So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some basic classroom rules! I call them my class policies.

14 Classroom Policies 1. Be responsible for coming to class on time with your ID, ready to learn. 2. Listen to and be prepared to follow directions. 3. Maintain the learning environment by acting and speaking appropriately, keeping hands, etc., to yourself. 4. Respect the rights, feelings, and property of others.

15 Possible Behavioral Consequences Warning Conference with student / hallway I make formal parent contact After school detention or Saturday school Referral to Administration (write up)

16 Class Procedures We will only be reviewing the most commonly used procedures at this time. Refer to your Student Handbook for a more complete list. Procedures may be changed or added to if the need arises. Field trips, library day, emergency situations, and testing days will be different from the norm. Each has its OWN set of procedures. Please be flexible.

17 Why Do We Have Procedures? A procedure is the way that we do things. To do things efficiently, we have to follow some simple procedures, for example: To open your locker, you have to select your combination as directed by the lock manufacturer. To cook a delicious meal, you need to follow the steps in the recipe. To place a call on your phone, you need to dial the number in the right order. »So, to be successful in learning, you need to follow some simple procedures!

18 ENTRANCE – Check Mind Map Make sure you have all necessary materials for the class. Enter the classroom quietly. Pick up any handouts and do any housekeeping items quickly and quietly. Go directly to your assigned seat. Get ready for work with your composition book, blue or black ball point ink pen, and textbook, if applicable for that day.

19 Right After Class Begins Immediately start your entry task. When you finish, wait quietly and read in your individual or book club novel or text.

20 During Instruction Listen to the teacher/speaker with full attention. No pencil sharpening, talking, moving about the classroom, or whispering. Ask permission to speak by raising your hand and waiting quietly to be called on. After instruction, make sure you understand the concept. If not, ask questions by mentioning which part you didn’t understand.

21 If the Teacher Raises Her Hand and/or says, “Give me five.” Stop whatever you are doing at that moment. Face the teacher and wait silently. Quietly, notify any classmates who haven’t noticed that the teacher has raised her hand. No talking or whispering. All of your attention should be given to the teacher.

22 When You Are Absent Ask your neighbors what we did. If you have questions about assignments, check with the teacher at an appropriate time. Do the work at home. If you missed a test because of an excused absence, inform the teacher and arrange a time to make up the test after school. »You will have one day to make-up work for every day you are absent.

23 While You Are Working Make sure you read or listen to the directions about your work and understand the directions. If you didn’t understand, quietly ask for help from other students sitting around you. If you are asked to help, be polite and help. Talking to each other should be no louder than a whisper. Respect each other and be friendly. Use your time wisely. Put forth your best effort to finish your work on time.

24 After You Are Finished Check your work and the directions one more time to see if you missed anything or did something incorrectly. Check to see if the heading is written correctly on your paper. If the assignment is to be turned in, do so. If appropriate, read quietly in your seat.

25 Maintaining the Classroom Pick up any garbage 2mm in diameter or more. Recycle papers (4x4 inches or more). Do not intentionally deface school, personal, or another’s personal property.

26 Dismissal Clean your work area and take all garbage to the trash can as you leave the room. Wait in your seat for the teacher to dismiss you. Leave quietly, ONLY after you have been given permission to do so. You will know you have been dismissed when you hear Mrs. Walker say, “Have a nice day!” We do not line up at the door, but instead quietly file out after dismissal.

27 When You Have a Tardy Report to principals to get tardy/detention slip. Knock on the classroom door. Enter the classroom quietly, hand Mrs. Walker your slip, and go to your seat after gathering materials. You will not be excused from any work you missed. Quietly, get the assignment and do the work at home.

28 More Attendance Procedures If you are seven (7) minutes or more late, you will be marked absent! »If this absence will be excused, the attendance office will send you to class with a pink slip to hand to Mrs. Walker.

29 When There Is a Substitute We treat guests in our room as courteously or better than we treat Mrs. Walker. Sit in your assigned seat ONLY. Maintain proper voice levels. Remain on task. Be helpful and courteous. »Subs will report behaviors (good & bad) and proper consequences or rewards will be applied. »If your name is not signed by yourself on the sub’s roster, then you will be counted absent.

30 Mrs. Walker’s A Little Different (Quirky) If you tell me that you are “sorry,” then I will tell you that you’re not. “Sorry” means a person of low or bad character. I may also tell you that I’m not mad at you for whatever it is that you think you did. Q-TIP : “Quit taking it personally!”

31 ER Is the following a complete sentence: why or why not? Mrs. Walker’s a little quirky.

32 ER Samples (Notes) Ashley’s awesome answers are spot on today! They’re all correct! Ashley’s answering very well!

33 Final Thought “I have this theory that if one person can go out of [his or her] way to show compassion, then it will start a chain reaction of the same. People will never know how far a little kindness can go.” —Rachel Joy Scott

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