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9th Grade Lit / Read 180 Pierce County High School

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1 9th Grade Lit / Read 180 Pierce County High School
Kelly DeWeese 9th Grade Lit / Read 180 Pierce County High School

2 Procedures & Guidelines
Welcome to Ms. DeWeese’s Classroom… Procedures & Guidelines

3 Room 17 A 9th Grade Lit / Read 180
Am I in the right room??? Room 17 A 9th Grade Lit / Read 180

4 Where am I suppose to Sit?
You may sit where you choose as long as you prove you can make good decisions.

5 What will I be doing this year?
We will be reading… reading some more… reading a little bit more… then, we will…

6 READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 How will I be graded? Breakdown of classwork: Tests/Major Assignments: 50% Daily work (warm-ups, class assignments, quizzes) : 50%

8 How will I be graded? Breakdown of Final Grade: Class work: 70% Final Exam: 10% EOCT: 20%

9 Be Positive Be Polite Be Prepared Be Prompt Be Productive
Classroom rules Be Positive Be Polite Be Prepared Be Prompt Be Productive

10 NO WHINING ZONE This classroom is a “No Whining Zone”. That means that there will be NO whining, for ANY reason!!! Everything that I do is in your best interest, so please… respect the “NO Whining Zone”!!

11 Following these 5 simple rules will result in….
Verbal acknowledgement A stress free learning environment A pleasant and orderly classroom atmosphere

12 Not following these 5 simple rules will result in…
1st offense: Verbal Warning 2nd offense: Writing assignment (signed by student and parent and returned to teacher) 3rd offense: Parent Contact 4th offense: Office Referral

13 Writing Assignment I, ___________________________ , understand that it is important to follow rules given to me by my teachers and administrators at Pierce County High School. When I do not follow directions I put myself and others in situations that could potentially harm us. I also realize that it is my teacher’s responsibility to maintain classroom management and to teach my fellow classmates. When I do become disruptive and do not follow the rules that Pierce County High School has set forth for me, I am causing conflict in the classroom as well as hindering the learning of my classmates. I understand that there are consequences for my behavior and I will have to abide by the rules. Student Signature: _____________________ Date:___________________ Parent Signature: ______________________ Date:___________________

14 Severe clause Any student who uses profanity, fights, damages school property, or is disrespectful (as defined by the teacher) will be sent to the office IMMEDIATELY.

15 Entering the classroom
CLASSROOM PROCEDURES Entering the classroom Please enter the room quietly Sit in your assigned seat Take out your materials Begin Bell Work immediately

16 Classroom procedures If you are tardy... Enter quietly
Excused: place excuse in the basket on the back shelf Unexcused: sign detention list on the back shelf Have a seat and take out your materials

17 Getting your attention…
Classroom procedures Getting your attention… I will… Stand in front of the class Raise my hand Wait for you to be quiet Begin speaking

18 Heading your assignments…
Classroom procedures Heading your assignments… In top right hand corner: First and Last Name Date Class Period Assignment Name

19 Classroom procedures After an absence…
Go to the file folders on the front table Check the folder labeled with the day you were absent Retrieve any notes and/or handouts and complete If you have a graded assignment or test/quiz to make up, you will set up a time with me before or after class

20 If you do not complete homework…
Classroom procedures If you do not complete homework… You will serve lunch detention in the media center in order to complete your assignment Sign up on the detention list on the front table

21 For a scheduled check out…
Classroom procedures For a scheduled check out… Please let me know as you enter the classroom (I will be at the door) Quietly raise your hand to get my attention Pack up materials and clean your area Exit quietly

22 Turning in papers… Classroom Procedures
Be sure your paper is headed correctly Turn your paper in the appropriate basket (labeled with your class period)

23 Classroom Discussions
Classroom procedures Classroom Discussions PLEASE participate I want to hear what you have to say Make all questions and comments relevant to the discussion If your question is off topic… write it down and ask later

24 Moving around the room…
Classroom procedures Moving around the room… Ask permission before you leave your seat Do not ask during a classroom discussion or lecture unless it is an emergency

25 Classroom procedures Class Dismissal…
The teacher dismisses you, NOT the bell Do NOT pack up prior to the bell unless you are given permission or you will be held after the bell

26 “Special” procedures These will be introduced on an “as needed” basis…
Library/Media Center Read 180 Special guests Progress Reports/Report cards Cooperative Working Groups Fire Drill Intercom Announcements Assemblies Substitute Teacher

27 Remember… I believe in your potential to be the best that you can be… and I want you to believe in it too!!!!!!!!!!! Looking forward to an awesome year! Ms. DeWeese

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