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Folie 1 ttg team training GmbH STRONGMOTHER – project overview.

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1 Folie 1 ttg team training GmbH STRONGMOTHER – project overview

2 Folie 2 STRONGMOTHER: goals of the project The basic idea is to support professionals working with single-parents. Main focus is to share knowledge and experience on approaches, projects, methods and network structures for an improved support structure for single parents in Europe. The project consortium will develop recommendations as well as a analysis of shortcomings, to-do´s and needs of the target group. All results will be compiled in a handbook and be distributed among adult education providers, VET institutions, adult education associations and local and regional authorities to promote the empowerment of the support structures for single-parents.

3 Folie 3 STRONGMOTHER: goals of the project All the material will be accessible for the public by creating a project website, where all publications and project activities will be displayed. The consortium of the project partners covers a variety of organisations working with the target group single-parents. Therefore a broad variety of methodological approaches as well as the possibility to create new ways for learning and socialising for single-parents will be represented and shared within the project. Innovative approaches and methods will be tested on their transferability by including learners from the target group and therefore ensure sustainable project results.

4 Folie 4 STRONGMOTHER: project outcomes OutcomeResponsibilityDate cooperation contractall partnersMeeting 1 project homepageteam trainigend of 2012 country reportsall partnersMarch 2013 Meeting 2host: SUPERACT!May 2013 interim reportsall partners30th of June 2013 Meeting 3host: ArbetetsmuseumSeptember 2013 compilation of good practice all partnersend of 2013 development of new ideasall partnersend of 2013

5 Folie 5 STRONGMOTHER: project outcomes OutcomeResponsibilityDate testing transferabilityall partnersMarch 2014 Meeting 4host?March 2014 Meeting 5host?June 2014 handbook Supporting single-parents in Europe all partnersJuly 2014 internal transfer workshops all partnersJuly 2014 final Reportall partnersSeptember 2014

6 Folie 6 STRONGMOTHER: consortium tasks Cooperation: agreement Sharing your experience and ideas Contribute to organising/hosting/particpating meetings Steady communication and feedback Share project results within your networks (internal workshops, marketing of homepage) Include learners at two meetings to include the target groups needs Take part in the development of the handbook

7 Folie 7 thank you for your attention!

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