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OUT-IN: Organising, Using and Transferring Innovation 14 December 2009 Rome, Italy.

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1 OUT-IN: Organising, Using and Transferring Innovation 14 December 2009 Rome, Italy


3 STATE EDUCATION CENTER Public administration institution subordinated to the Ministry of Education and Science, Republic of Latvia

4 National general education curriculum; Vocational education; Special needs education; National assessment and certification; Hobby education; Teachers in-service training; Projects. SPHERES OF ACTIVITIES:


6 This experience has given me a new direction in my work and encouraged to learn how to properly develop project proposals. The workshop was useful – it gave a general insight into project proposal writing procedure and encouraged to write and submit a project proposal. The workshop tutors were very supportive and personally took care that each participant would benefit from the workshop. Quotes from participants

7 Tutors VitaInga

8 Participants Selection Number of participants – 46 Composition of participants - vocational schools, primary schools, secondary schools, local authorities, adult training centres

9 Workshop structure One day face-to-face sessions (2) Self-training in between the sessions (2 weeks)

10 Workshop activities Introducing to LLP and the concept of mobility; Going through the courseware topics and structure; Guiding individual self-learning process; Reviewing the courseware material; Brainstorming, sharing and developing project ideas; Guiding and tutoring development of project proposals.

11 Main challenges Participants represent different types of schools; Different background experience; Lack of ability to see the school as a part of community; Lack of time; Knowledge of English.

12 Some ideas for project proposals Increasing teachers role in the career education process in vocational education. Exploring common and unique in art traditions in Europe. Improving professional rehabilitation for disabled people to promote their integration in the labour market. Acquiring new technologies and skills in woodcarving. Providing entrepreneurship skills and knowledge to unemployed.

13 Results and success Each participant acquired project writing skills; generated several mobility project ideas; prepared draft project proposal application; exchanged experience and learned from each other; established project group network.

14 Sustainability issues Providing assistance in finalizing project proposals; Organizing follow up meeting for project submitters; Including project writing skills in teachers inset programs.

15 Sharing project ideas among participants and receiving practical support from tutors was really valuable and motivating experience for writing and submitting a project proposal.


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