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Folie 1 ttg team training GmbH STRONGMOTHER – project management.

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1 Folie 1 ttg team training GmbH STRONGMOTHER – project management

2 Folie 2 STRONGMOTHER: project management Grundtvig learning partnership are funded for the exchange of knowledge and experience on a certain topic (supporting single-parents) in the area of general adult education. Usually the duration is two years. Contents/objectives: - working meetings of professionals (trainers, coaches, learners, etc.). - to create a product (documentations, materials).

3 Folie 3 STRONGMOTHER: project management Funding: each partner organisation gets an allowance, depending on country rates. The first rate should have been transferred already. The final rate (about 20% of the total volume) will be transferred after the final report has been approved. In Germany: only supporting documents for the mobilities have to be submitted. This means: flight tickets, boarding passes, hotel bills. Certificates of attendance signed and stamped by the hosting organisation and a signature list of all participants have to be submitted also. Please note: each National Agency may have different requirements – so please check!

4 Folie 4 STRONGMOTHER: project management Expenses apart from the mobilities are possible. Every partner organisation can dispose the rest of the budget on its own decisions. E.g. expenditures for personnel, production of materials, translations, excursions, etc. can be covered by the allowance. If you are not sure, if it is ok, please check with your National Agency. Definition mobility: A mobility is a journey to one of the partner countries. Each partner has to spend 12 mobilities during the project lifecycle. All partners should use 8 mobilities for staff and 4 for learners, except Arbetetsmuseum and BGE, they only have staff mobilities. If necessary, study visits in one of the partner countries are possible. It would be nice to host the meetings in your offices…

5 Folie 5 STRONGMOTHER: project management Reporting: we have to deliver two reports on the project progress and results. Each partner organisation gets a form by its National Agency. 1. Interim Report (due 30 th of June 2013) The interim report can be identical for all partners (team training volunteers ;-). 2.Final report (due 30 th of September 2014) consists of two parts (Part A must be used by all partners) and Part B has to be completed by each partner. This part B contains questions regarding mobilities, your contribution, impact on organisation, personnel and learners. Our suggestion: part of the agenda at the last meeting.

6 Folie 6 STRONGMOTHER: project management Dissemination of results: essential for the European Commission. Please share info within your networks (newsletters, homepage link, press contacts). Two important dissemination channels are mandatory: 1. European Shared Treasure Database: each partner gets access information by its national agency. Two kinds of products: individual and common. E.g. presentations, pictures, materials, minutes. Every organisation has to upload content to get the last rate of the budget. 2.Project website ( public platform, most important channel, can be created by team training. Examples:

7 Folie 7 STRONGMOTHER: project management Project Logo: Thanks to our man from French-Guyana!!! Publications and materials always have to show the EU logo:

8 Folie 8 STRONGMOTHER: project management Meeting Dates Meeting 2: hosted by Fundación Isadora Duncan in León in 25 th -28 th April 2013 Meeting 3: hosted by One Parent Families Scotland in September 2013 Edinburgh Date: 19 th -22 st September Meeting 4: hosted by Superact! in Somerset in March 2014 Date: 6 th -9 th March Meeting 5: hosted by Arbetetsmuseum in May 2014 Date: 22 nd -25 th May

9 Folie 9 STRONGMOTHER: project management Meeting 2 hosted by Isadora Duncan 25 th -28 th April 2013 Agenda: -Presentation of country reports: initial situation of single-parents in the partner countries -Best practice presentation by three organisations, discussing of transfer options in the partner countries. Isadora Dunca, SUPERACT! Team training -Interactive workshops are welcome!

10 Folie 10 thank you for your attention!

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