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UNEP World Conservation

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1 UNEP World Conservation
Poverty and Conservation – the approach of the Convention on Biological Diversity Peter Herkenrath UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre

2 Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD, 1992)
Objectives: Conservation of biodiversity Sustainable use of biodiversity Fair & equitable sharing of benefits from the use of genetic resources Preamble: ‘recognizing that economic and social development and poverty eradication are the first and overriding priorities of developing countries’

3 Addressing poverty through the CBD programmes of work (PoW): examples
PoW on agricultural biodiversity: Strengthen the capacity of farmers, indigenous communities to manage agricultural biodiversity sustainably so as to increase their benefits. PoW on dry and sub-humid lands: Undertake studies on the relation between biodiversity & poverty, including: benefits from biodiversity for poverty alleviation, impact of biodiversity conservation on the poorest

4 Addressing poverty through the CBD programmes of work (continued)
PoW on forest biodiversity: Integrate appropriate policies and targets into poverty reduction strategy papers PoW on protected areas (PAs): PAs can contribute to poverty alleviation by providing employment and livelihoods A global PA network should contribute to poverty reduction Use social and economic benefits from PAs for poverty reduction

5 How the CBD addresses the MDGs: COP decision VII/32 (2004)
The MDGs agenda: a framework for the entire UN system Achievement of the MDGs depends on effective biodiversity conservation, sustainable use & benefit-sharing The CBD: the key international instrument for the integration of biodiversity into the MDGs agenda

6 COP decision VII/32: What to do?
Underlying concern: biodiversity can contribute to poverty alleviation, but development activities can harm biodiversity Implement development in ways consistent with the CBD objectives Integrate biodiversity concerns with development strategies Communicate the importance of biodiversity for achieving the MDGs

7 CBD and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA)
MA meets the needs of, inter alia, the CBD: MA Biodiversity Synthesis SBSTTA recommendation to COP 8 (2006): Welcome the MA & its findings, including: biodiversity loss is a concern for the well-being of the poorest development activities could contribute to biodiversity loss

8 CBD & 2010 framework 2010 target to significantly reduce the rate of biodiversity loss (CBD and WSSD) 2010 framework of goals, targets & indicators Goal 8: Maintain ecosystem capacity to deliver goods & services and support livelihoods Indicators under development: Health & well-being of people living in biodiversity-based-resource dependent communities Biodiversity used in food & medicine

9 Biodiversity used in food and medicine: proposed indicators (examples)
Number & share of main crops Diversity of species used for food & agriculture Bushmeat (species, quantity) Trade in biodiversity-based medicines Number of access & benefit-sharing agreements

10 Conclusion The link between biodiversity conservation / sustainable use and poverty alleviation is not widely recognised by development agencies & donors The CBD is focusing efforts on making this link working CBD has incorporated in their work areas the connection between biodiversity conservation / sustainable use and poverty alleviation

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