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THE GHANA POVERTY REDUCTION STRATEGY Integration and Progress of Environmental Issues By Winfred Nelson NDPC November 03 2004.

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1 THE GHANA POVERTY REDUCTION STRATEGY Integration and Progress of Environmental Issues By Winfred Nelson NDPC November 03 2004

2 Outline of Presentation GPRS- A Gist Environmental Issues in the GPRS SEA of the GPRS Some Challenges Conclusion

3 What is the GPRS? The GPRS is the Government of Ghanas comprehensive framework of policies, strategies,programmes and projects aimed at ensuring economic growth and poverty reduction over a three year period


5 Broad GPRS Objectives Ensure macro-economic stability Increase production and gainful employment Facilitate direct support for human resource development & basic services Expand special programmes to support vulnerable groups Enhance good governance

6 Environment in the GPRS The GPRS focuses on the use of environmental resources in the creation of wealth while making sure that the environment is not depleted The GPRS addresses deforestation, water and air pollution. Inadequate sanitation and waste management, land degradation, coastal erosion as well as the use of natural resources in the creation of wealth.

7 Production and Gainful Employment Concerns on deforestation, land degradation through mining and farming activities, loss of coastal ecosystems and fisheries will be seriously addressed together with those from manufacturing industries. the use of biological diversity through community management of natural resources and the encouragement of the private sector investment in ecotourism and cottage industry.

8 Human Resources and Basic Health safe water and environmental health, ensuring safe liquid and solid waste management. Other issues highlighted are water borne diseases such as malaria and guinea worm infestations.

9 Special Programmes for the Vulnerable and Excluded Issues on disaster management that may result from earthquakes, flooding

10 Monitoring and Evaluation (1) The GPRS seeks to monitor all projects and programmes through focus groups to capture conditions that can negatively impact the poor. Environmental monitoring --------------- Environmental Protection Agency & all MDAs as well as the District Environmental Management Teams.

11 Monitoring and Evaluation (2) Trans-boundary management of environmental resources such as water, air, and biodiversity in collaboration with other countries in the West Africa sub- region.

12 Some observations Climate change issues though not well distinct are implicitly implied as part of the general Environment The potential impacts of climate change and climate variability on the poor are hardly stressed in the GPRS

13 Underlining the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy, which is the Medium Term Development Policy Framework, is a strong recognition for environment and sustainability concerns.

14 SEA and the GPRS Assessment of the GPRS indicated that Environment had not been given sufficient attention The Purpose of the SEA was to assess the environmental risks and opportunities identify appropriate mechanisms to ensure that sound environmental management contributes to poverty reduction in Ghana

15 The Strategic Environment Assessment trained a wide range of stakeholders at the MDA level District Assemblies parliamentary representatives civil society, NGOs and business associates -SEA manual has been developed to guide the MDAs and District Assemblies in mainstreaming environment concerns in the Ghana Poverty Reduction Strategy.

16 Several fora on environmental issues such as Climate Change, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Desertification etc were organized for parliamentarians, ministers of state, MDAs, NGOs and District Assemblies and these are ongoing for the Ghanaian populace and particularly decision makers to appreciate the importance of environment in national development.

17 A handbook for District Development Plan Sustainability appraisal has been developed to assist District Assemblies to appraise their development programmes and projects in conformity with sustainable development standards.

18 Update of the GPRS SEA local Consultant Representation on each thematic group Each MDA expected to use Advisory note from sea team Group Coordinator-Production and Gainful Employment

19 some Challenges Reflections Gradually policy makers and businesses are beginning to have a deep appreciation to consider environment as a priority for poverty reduction programmes Implementation of some of the recommendations e.g green accounting Green GDP

20 Conclusion Even though it appears much progress has been made, there is still much to be desired in fully integrating environment into poverty reduction strategies

21 Thank You

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