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New Contracts in Primary Care: workforce issues Nicola Walsh.

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1 New Contracts in Primary Care: workforce issues Nicola Walsh

2 Starting point Nurses in general practice can experience : – no contracts –less than rigorous scrutiny on appointment [illegal employment!] –limited training opportunities –limited feedback on performance –no consistent professional development –limited integration with other nurses –lack of access to nursing leadership

3 Improving employment conditions Primary care professionals need to be: –eligible to perform services –recruited and retained –development needs to be supported –deserve adequate pensions

4 This will mean... Job descriptions Pre-employment references to be checked Registered with relevant professional body Agenda for Change principles to be implemented

5 Support development needs having a say and being consulted new roles are supported by training access to clinical supervision and appraisal access to CPD and professional advice The regulations say…………..

6 The contractor shall ensure that for any health professional performing clinical services under the contract there are in place arrangements for the purpose of maintaining and updating his skills and knowledge in relation to the services he is performing (para 59)

7 The contractor shall afford to each employee reasonable opportunities to undertake appropriate training with a view to maintaining competence (para 60)

8 The risks Nurses and others will not be competent for their new roles Workforce supply will be inadequate Poor professional engagement Principles of Agenda for Change are not implemented

9 What needs to be done PCT staff need to provide HR support to practices Use and strengthen tools already available e.g clinical governance Monitor the HR elements of the contracts Involve professional bodies Clarify professional accountability

10 New and modified roles

11 Hold discussions with... Other local PCTs Workforce Development Confederations Strategic Health Authorities Local universities

12 In summary Different contractual relationship PCTs will be commissioning primary care –a practice –a group of practices –a PCT employee –an alternative provider Professional advice and input will be crucial

13 Liberate the Talents

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