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Professional development for support workers Tanis Hand HCA Adviser.

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1 Professional development for support workers Tanis Hand HCA Adviser

2 Key issues for support workers Having a voice Regulation Role clarity Education & Training Accountability & delegation

3 Role clarity What is the fundamental difference between a registered nurse and an HCA or AP?

4 Patients / clients RNs Make clinical judgements and provide nursing care Delegate and supervise nursing care APs May transcend professional boundaries Work is guided by standard protocols HCAs Are delegated nursing tasks Work is supervised by registered professionals Common goals, different roles: briefing paper RCN 2012

5 From the client’s perspective What do clients want to know about the people caring for them?

6 u Service users, their families and society expect high levels of care and support for vulnerable people. u Support staff make up a significant element of the workforce that care for people who have a learning disability and they must be trained and competent to provide high quality care. u When individuals are cared for in environments which do not respond well to their needs, challenging behaviour is likely to develop.

7 Appropriate delegation u First line managers must know the level of skill across the team and delegate work appropriately. u Their role is to keep the service on track and they do this by monitoring how the whole team works, how support staff work with individuals and what additional CPD is required.

8 Why is CPD so important? u It enables support workers to: –Understand their accountability –Protect and promote human rights –Respond to both general and mental health needs effectively –Understand and use total communication approaches –Deliver positive behaviour support i.e. It safeguards the service users

9 Training the team u CPD for support workers is central to success as they are vital members of the team. u Everyone needs to understand lines of accountability and the significance of implementing care plans in a consistent manner. u All members of the team need to understand the team goals.

10 Developing the support worker role within the nursing team  Focus on QUALITY  Accessible, competence based training  Right people doing the right tasks at the right time  Appropriate delegation  Working to standards  Understanding and valuing each role  Common client-centred goals!

11 HCSW regulation - update

12 Standards and codes – work in progress

13 Dedicated HCA and AP website Resources and materials


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