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One Voice Wales Councillor Training Programme Module 3: The Council as an employer.

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1 One Voice Wales Councillor Training Programme Module 3: The Council as an employer

2 Creating the team, and getting the work done to serve your community

3 Overview Contracts of employment Role and person specification Recruitment and retention Discipline, grievance and appeals Health and safety Training and development Sources of advice

4 Aim Establish and maintain an effective framework for employees Find, retain, and develop people Harness their skills to achieve your objectives in serving your community

5 The employment contract Everyone needs one and should have one within 2 months of starting Employment law changes regularly Explicit terms in a written statement Implied terms in all contracts Be aware of statutory rights for employees Part-time workers have the same rights as full- time workers

6 Implied terms To maintain trust and confidence through co- operation To act in good faith towards each other To take reasonable care to ensure safety and health in the workplace

7 The Job Description Describes the purpose of the role Outlines key responsibilities Defines the scope of the job Describes what needs to be done

8 The Person Specification Describes the profile of the ideal person to fill the job The aptitudes, skills and knowledge needed Outlines the necessary competencies Any criteria relating to personal qualities Check against your equal opportunities policy if you have one

9 ASK Aptitudes Skills Knowledge

10 Managing performance is the key

11 Training and development Knowledge, skills and competence Reviewed, agreed and understood Training through different methods Courses, networks, research, advice

12 It can go wrong!

13 Discipline, grievance and appeals Get all the facts first and act consistently Use procedures to help and encourage Inform the employee and let them state their case Employees can be accompanied Give the employee a written explanation and an opportunity to appeal Deal with issues thoroughly and promptly

14 The Disciplinary Process Make sure it follows the law Step 1 - Write to the employee and invite them to a meeting Step 2 - Hold the meeting and notify the employee of any decision Step 3 – offer to hold an appeal meeting and inform the employee of the final decision

15 Health and safety General duty for employers to look after the health and safety of all people at work Large and important body of law Principle of risk assessment Includes fire, manual handling, VDUs, and stress, working at heights and many other areas

16 Sources of Advice One Voice Wales ACAS H & S Executive

17 Making a Difference

18 This programme is an outcome of the National Training Strategy for Community and Town Councils in Wales in conjunction with the National Training Advisory Group. The programme has been funded by the Welsh Assembly Government.

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