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1Abacast - Confidential1 Hybrid Content Delivery Network (CDN) Technologies and Services.

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1 1Abacast - Confidential1 Hybrid Content Delivery Network (CDN) Technologies and Services

2 2 Agenda Live DCIA Webcast by Abacast Industry trends Non-games P2P Traction – enterprise, radio, video About Abacast

3 3 Live DCIA Conference Webcast - Goals Serve broader audience Constrained by place, time, cost Additional DCIA service Showcase member technology

4 4 Live Webcast – Value Propositions Key Value Propositions Branded/Targeted User Experience Live video, synced slides, submit question, poll Flexible, efficient delivery Unicast or Abacast Peer-Assisted PPV business model support After-event archive

5 5 Evolution of P2P Channel Impact Media Sector Response Regulatory Phases Commercialization Industry Statistics: Over 480 Million Active P2P Software Installations Globally, 1.1 Billion Daily File Transfers, 137 Million Monthly Cumulative Uniques, 17 Million Average Simultaneous Users, Plus Now Adding Social Networks Featuring User- Generated Content (UGC)…

6 6 In Next 5 Years P2P Traffic Will Grow 400%

7 7 Revenue Projections for P2P & File Sharing Insight Research: The worldwide market for P2P and file-sharing services is expected to generate $28 billion per year in revenue for carriers and ISPs by 2011.

8 8 P2P Traction (outside of Game delivery) Enterprise - Live Video Radio - High Definition Audio High Definition Video

9 9 P2P Traction - Enterprise Live Video Avoids network saturation, especially at remote locations No expensive equipment Significantly less IT staff time and unlike traditional hardware multicasting, it really works! Abacast provides all the benefits of Multicast without any of the setup time, hassle, or expense.

10 10 © 2009 Ignite Technologies, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential Information 10 Abacast and Ignite Ignite provides the industrys most secure and scalable Content Delivery Solution enabling enterprises to efficiently publish, target, deliver and manage digital assets to anyone, anywhere, at any time. DesktopsMobile Users Digital Signage Handhelds

11 11 © 2009 Ignite Technologies, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential Information 11 Ignite - How and Where?

12 12 Enterprise Live Streaming –Ignite and Abacast No additional infrastructure required Peer-assisted streaming protocol, multicast not required Use Cases CEO Webcasts Strategic and Quarterly Updates Online Meetings Emergency Communications © 2009 Ignite Technologies, Inc. Proprietary and Confidential Information 12

13 13 P2P Traction – High Quality Audio Consumers gravitate towards high bit-rate streams High bit-rate streams attract advertisers

14 142009Abacast - Confidential14 Station ROI – Abacast P2P vs. Traditional CDN High quality P2P stream at almost static cost = more streaming opportunities = more inventory = more revenue

15 15 Audio P2P Case Study - Jetcast Situation Station streaming at 24Kbps Capped at 100 simultaneous users due to cost Not profitable Solution Implement live P2P delivery Uncapped audience @ 96Kbps Audience immediately grew to 3,000 simultaneous users Audience large enough to be relevant to advertisers Increased listener enjoyment Profitable Source: Abacast, Inc.

16 16 P2P Traction – Abacast, High Quality Video Seoul Broadcasting System 1 week broadcast Over 12,000 simultaneous viewers 1.5Mbps Windows Media Video Over 80% efficiency, over 14Gb/s bandwidth savings Over 40% reduction in server and switching hardware Total Connections Unicast Connections

17 17 About Abacast Founded in 2000 by former broadcasters, technologists Commercial-quality Hybrid Content Delivery Network (CDN) Live and On-Demand content Unicast and Peer-Assisted Content Monetization plus additional services Key Markets Internet Television, Online Radio, Corporate, File Delivery Metrics > 300 customers 16 different countries 46,516,274 plug-in downloads (as of July 1st, 2008) ~10 million end-user hours per month ~3.6 million unique users per month

18 18 Abacast Solution Overview

19 19 Key Value Propositions – Consumers Getting highest quality content 72% choose higher bit-rate and install Ultimately drives demand and business models

20 20 Key Value Propositions – Publisher/Broadcaster The most choices for delivery Live and On-Demand video and audio content Windows, Flash formats plus others Hybrid Delivery Single-source (Unicast), multi-source (Secure P2P), or combination Flexible delivery options Mix and match based on content value, customer type, content type, or business model

21 21 Technology Details – Live and On-Demand P2P Network

22 22 Evolution of CDNs TimeframeDescriptionTechnologyAudience/Quality 90 - 95Streaming,Simple 100s Real Networksdeployment32Kbps 96 –98Clusters,Increasing com-1,000s broadcast.complexity, better end-128Kbps user experience 99 – 04Edge, AkamaiMuch more complex, 10,000s Better performance250-500Kbps 05 +Hybrid (Edge True distributed,100,000s + plus P2P)good perf for all300Kbps – 3Mbps market sizes

23 23 Questions (360) 834-5229

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