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Welcomes You. Inaugural P2P & VIDEO CONFERENCE DCIA Special Event.

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1 Welcomes You

2 Inaugural P2P & VIDEO CONFERENCE DCIA Special Event

3 DCIA Mission Foster Commercial Adoption Foster Commercial Adoption Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technologies Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technologies Other Distributed Computing Other Distributed Computing Technology Applications Technology Applications

4 Old Client-Server Architecture (Non-P2P)

5 New Decentralized P2P

6 A Disruptive Content Infrastructure Infinitely Scalable,Low to No Overhead Infinitely Scalable, Low to No Overhead

7 P2P Industry Players

8 2007 Arrival – Peer-to-Peer Television (P2PTV)

9 Hybrid-P2P / Peer-Assisted – Newest Iteration

10 Evolution of P2P Channel Impact Media Sector Response Regulatory Phases Commercialization Industry Statistics: Over 450 Million Active P2P Software Installations Globally, 1 Billion Daily File Transfers, 125 Million Monthly Cume Usage, 15 Million Average Simultaneous Users, 80 Million Monthly Licensed Content Transactions… Now Adding Social Networks featuring User-Generated Content (UGC)…

11 BigChampagne is DCIAs online media measurement source specializing in P2P

12 P2P Audience Growth P2P populations continue to increase year over year.

13 The Opportunity: P2P File- Sharing Revolution 20-60 times more music tracks are acquired on 20-60 times more music tracks are acquired on P2P than are downloaded from iTunes P2P than are downloaded from iTunes Sources: Apple Computer, IFPI approximations of songs acquired on P2P

14 P2P Internet Traffic Share Growth File-Types on Major P2P Networks - 2006 –P2P usage is widespread and growing 2004 – 3 million unique IP addresses in 30 days 2006 – 3 million unique IP addresses in 8 days –Continuing impact on ISPs 50-65% of downstream traffic is P2P 75-90% of Upstream Traffic is P2P Internet Protocol Breakdown 1993 - 2006 Velocix Research

15 Internet Traffic Now Dominated by P2P Source: Sandvine, July 2008

16 More than 60% of Upstream Traffic is P2P Source: Sandvine, October 2008

17 In Next 5 Years P2P Traffic Will Grow 400%

18 Revenue Projections for P2P & File Sharing Insight Research: The worldwide market for P2P and file-sharing services is expected to generate $28 billion per year in revenue for carriers and ISPs by 2011.

19 P2P Monetization

20 DCIA Organization Content Group Content Group Operations Group Operations Group Platform Group Platform Group

21 Member Companies Include...

22 Member Companies Also Include...

23 DCIA Resources Government Relations Government Relations Best Practices Best Practices Member Services Member Services Consumer Research Consumer Research

24 Government Relations Doug Campbell Doug Campbell - Senate Staff DMCA - Fleishman-Hillard Judiciary & Commerce Judiciary & Commerce FTC & Justice Dept. FTC & Justice Dept. Advocacy Coalitions Advocacy Coalitions


26 I S P G 1) Default Settings 2) File-Sharing Controls 3) Shared-Folder Configurations 4) User-Error Protections 5) Sensitive-File-Type Restrictions 6) File-Sharing Status Communications 7) Developer Principles

27 P2P PATROL Peer-to-Peer Parents And Teens React On Line WARNING WARNING The search term you entered has been associated with child pornography. Any person who receives, reproduces, or redistributes a visual depiction of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct shall be subject to severe fines and imprisonment. P2P PATROL reports suspected violations of Title 18, USC 2252 to the FBI. PEER-TO-PEER PARENTS AND TEENS REACT ON LINE

28 Best Practices Elaine Reiss Elaine Reiss - General Counsel - General Counsel - Ogilvy & Mather - Ogilvy & Mather Adware Vs. Spyware Adware Vs. Spyware P2P Risk Disclosures P2P Risk Disclosures Copyright Protection Copyright Protection

29 DIGITAL WATERMARK TECHNOLOGIES Applications in P2P Networks P2P Digital Watermark Working Group


31 Member Services Karen Kaplowitz Karen Kaplowitz - Ent. Litig. Atty. - New Ellis Group Sales & Marketing Sales & Marketing Lead Development Lead Development Financing Support Financing Support Limor Schafman – KeystoneTech & IPv6 Forum


33 Consumer Research Rich Feldman Rich Feldman - Media Professional - Media Professional - Feldman Res. Lab - Feldman Res. Lab Key Industry Metrics Key Industry Metrics Custom Research Custom Research Demographics Demographics

34 The Reason for the DCIA Is to Help Grow Your Business

35 Todays Agenda Keynotes Keynotes Panel Discussions Panel Discussions Networking Opportunities Networking Opportunities

36 P2P & VIDEO CONFERENCE Sponsors Unlimited Media Unlimited Media Javien Digital Payments Javien Digital Payments CUGate CUGate RightsFlow RightsFlow Screen Digest Screen Digest

37 Thank You

38 Inaugural P2P & VIDEO CONFERENCE DCIA Special Event

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