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Owning a Wi-Fi TV TM Owning a Wi-Fi TV TM Channel.

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1 Owning a Wi-Fi TV TM Owning a Wi-Fi TV TM Channel

2 Who is Wi-FiTV? Wi-Fi TV Inc. is a publicly traded company providing a new generation TV delivery platform that has a geographic sphere out-distancing any traditional cable or over-the-air TV broadcaster. The purpose of the web site is to deliver live TV channels and other video based content, along with multiple interactive features, on a global scale by means of the Internet. Wi-Fi TV has recently introduced a revolutionary new feature aimed at the millions of 18-24 year olds who use the Internet for social networking. It allows up to 25 different guests to see and hear each other in a private MyWi-Fi Party.

3 The Creator of Social Internet TV TM For the first time ever on the Internet, and for no charge whatsoever, people all around the world can watch live TV, chat with others through text messages while watching the same programs, make free phone calls, and host live online video parties with friends or others who share the same interests.

4 Wi-Fi TV Channels can be viewed on PCs, laptop PCs, and, increasingly, on mobile devices, TV screens, and big screen TVs, anywhere in the world a high-speed Internet connection is present. Where can it be viewed?

5 To watch hundreds of channels from over 50 countries To share interests with live chat To make free local and long distance calls with the Wi-FiTV VoIP virtual dialer Live channels and breaking news on your favorite topics and countries Social Networking! To see and hear friends in their live party rooms Why are thousands of people each week Subscribing for Free to Wi-FiTV ?

6 Benefits?

7 Learn the benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel Ability to place as little or as much programming as you want, sequenced in any way you want, on a TV channel that can be seen locally, nationally and globally by anyone with a high- speed Internet connection. Ability to stand out in any given area by having your own TV channel to provide information, instruction, sales data, entertainment, shows, of any kind you wish. Ability to sell advertisements on the channels, or to sell your own products, or to attract customers to your brick and mortar business, or to attract members or subscribers, or to promote what you have to offer. Benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel? Benefits?

8 Ability to present your viewpoint in any way that you wish, with freedom of speech. First channels on any topic become the Wi-Fi TV "default" channels on Wi-Fi TV Topic pages, meaning additional clout and viewership. Ability to create a following or cater to your audience in a way that no magazine, newsletter or traditional means of communication can. Benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel? More benefits…

9 Learn the benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel Wi-Fi TV Live Chat will enable viewers to discuss your programs online visible by all viewers. Ability to place links to products you have for sale from the Wi-Fi TV product listings on the pages where your Wi-Fi TV Channel is accessible. Ability to schedule special events, fundraisers and other special shows. Benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel? More benefits…

10 Learn the benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel You get to choose up to six categories or countries (and in one category, if you are the first channel paid for in that category, you become the default channel). Your channel plays for FREE for anyone in the world who signs up to Wi-Fi TV (no cost) You get to have up to six ON DEMAND videos online in addition to the channel, and you can change these (so, for example, a real estate agent can have different property videos which the user can click on and view without waiting for them to come up on the channel) We give you form press releases top help you get news about your channel in local press We publicize your channel with Wi-Fi TV press release (up to six a year) Benefits of owning a Wi-FiTV channel?

11 As the channel owner, what must you provide? The channel owner's choice of original or licensed programs, no minimum or maximum amount; however channel owner must provide shows in WindowsMedia format and sequencing. Channel will be broadcast by Wi-Fi 24 hours a day, 7 days week, but shows can be repeated so that there is no minimum amount of programming required.

12 All that is required to create programming is a inexpensive video camera, anything from a very simple one camera recording to a more elaborate production will work fine for delivery over the Internet. OR Whats required from you?

13 Costs of owning a Wi-FiTV channel? $25,000 one-time upfront fee. Cost of encoding programs to WindowsMedia files, estimated to be $20 to $30 per hour of original programming (a one-time fee for each show; for example, if a one hour program airs four times a day, seven days a week, the cost for encoding the program is only a one-time total of $20 to $30). $5,000 per year fee; however, this fee can be reduced or eliminated by sharing revenue on products sold over your channel, or sharing in ad revenue generated for your channel, based on the amount of ads sold or products sold. Wi-Fi TV can assist in the selling of ads and product sales generation. All programs are "pre-recorded," additional charges apply for live Webcasts.

14 Whats included in the costs? A Wi-Fi TV channel of your clients name, accessible from the Wi-Fi TV home page, a Wi-Fi TV Topic page or pages of their choosing, a Wi-Fi TV country page, and a unique URL created for their channel. All bandwidth and hosting costs Joint press releases with Wi-Fi TV, including electronic distribution Usage of the Wi-Fi TV Shopping Cart Wi-Fi TV Live Chat feature for your channel Wi-Fi TV channel number Multiple opportunities for special web events and promotions through Wi-Fi TV

15 How fast can we get your Wi-FiTV Channel on the air? A Wi-Fi TV channel can typically be on the air within a few weeks of the signing our Wi-Fi TV channel agreement!

16 The only limits on the Internet are the limits of our own vision. The only limits on the Internet are the limits of our own vision. - Alex Kanakaris, Founder/Chairman, Wi-FiTV, Inc.

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