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Monday August 29, 2011 Starter:

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1 Monday August 29, 2011 Starter:
On a blank sheet of notebook paper, draw a circle map In the center of the circle map, write the letters ELA (English Language Arts) In the space between the 2 circles, list at least 15 things that come to mind when you think of English Language Arts When you are finished, silently review your Guidebook of Guidelines and Procedures for Language Arts

2 Monday 8.29.11 Review Classroom Procedures Share starter responses
Entering Silent Signals Restroom Passes Dismissal Guidelines/Consequences Group work/Getting attention/Noise Level Share starter responses


4 Monday 8.29.11 Teach NEW Procedure Heading journal pages
Journal  Explain at least 2 ways in which YOU honor and respect your elders Share a few responses Vocabulary pages


6 Monday Read pages 2 – 3 and add words to vocabulary wall and vocabulary pages Plot Conflict Complications Climax Resolution Subplot Parallel Episode

7 PLOT The sequence of all the related events that tell us what happens in a story

8 Conflict The “hook” of a plot A problem faced by the character
A struggle between 2 opposing forces A major decision

9 Complications Other smaller problems that arise in the middle to make the conflict worse

10 Climax The most exciting part! When the outcome is DECIDED!

11 Resolution The end of the story When all the loose ends are tied up
We know what happens to the characters

12 Subplots Extra plots that are part of the story
Not as important as the main plot

13 Parallel Episodes When an event in the plot repeats Usually has a minor change from one to the other


15 Retelling Tips for a good retelling State the title and author
Identify the main character Describe the setting Relate the main events Use time-order words like first, next and finally Keep events in the right order Explain how the story ends

16 Prediction A guess that you make that could be based on:
What you have already read The clues that you think the author has left you Your experiences with other books/movies

17 Author Profile About the Author
List 10 facts that you learn about the author while reading the selection

18 Homework: Due Tuesday 8/30/2011
Complete the second pencil diagram by applying the plot of a story you already know Fairy tale Movie Book TV show Graphic novel

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