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CEPREDENAC David Novelo March 24, 2000 Tulane University.

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1 CEPREDENAC David Novelo March 24, 2000 Tulane University

2 CENTER FOR THE COORDINATION OF NATURAL DISASTERS PREVENTION IN CENTRAL AMERICA (CEPREDENAC)  Founded in Guatemala City, 1993  Membership: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.  In process of incorporation: Belize and Dominican Republic

3 General Objectives:  To promote and coordinate international cooperation; exchange of information; sharing of learned experiences; training; and technical assistance for the prevention and mitigation of natural disasters in Central America.

4 Institutional Framework:  CEPREDENAC’s National Committees: Guatemala (CONRED); El Salvador (Ministry of Foreign Affairs); Honduras (COPECO); Nicaragua (INETER); Costa Rica (CNE); Panama (SINAPROC)  Board of Directors: Directors of the National Committees  Executive Secretariat: Headquarters in Panama

5 CEPREDENAC AND THE PRIVATE SECTOR (INITIATIVES)  CEPREDENAC is fully aware that more work is needed in the field of disaster management in the private sector  CEPREDENAC is interested in promoting the exchange of information that in relation to disaster management the private sector has experienced during disasters in the region  CEPREDENAC is considering the incorporation of a Regional Private Sector Strategy within the Regional Plan for Disaster Reduction approved by the Central American Presidents

6 CEPREDENAC AND CDMHA (POTENTIAL COLLABORATION)  Survey to gain knowledge on the participation of the private sector during and after Mitch and other natural disasters in the region  Develop along with governmental institutions an action plan to offer the private sector alternatives to improve their actions to prevent and mitigate future disasters for their own interest and national benefit  Sign a MOU to strengthen further cooperation in disaster management for the region

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