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Intro to Worldview Who Are You?. What is Worldview?

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1 Intro to Worldview Who Are You?

2 What is Worldview?

3 Collection of values and beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group; the overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world

4 You’re immersed in it So natural to you Compare it to the air that you breathe

5 Traditional Worldview of some Aboriginal People in Canada Elders are respected for their wisdom Governing is through group agreement, not through the control of a leader All life is sacred and equally important People are connected to the community and to ancestors Human experience includes spiritual, physical, emotional and mental aspects Life is a circle; time moves through cycles All forms of life are connected in a constantly changing balanced relationship The well being of Earth is essential for our and our children’s survival

6 Worldview of People in the Western World All people are to be treated as equals Individuality is important Freedom of speach and religion are important rights Families are an important social unit Basic education should be available to all Democracy is the best way to involve citizens in decision making Gaining wealth is important in order to have a pleasant and comfortable life Humans are superior to all other life forms Time is broken down into units by which lives are organized

7 Canadian Wordview Common values and beliefs in our approaches to medical care, education, and the arts that set us apart from other nations Canada is also a land of regions, whether being geographical regions (mountains, prairies, Atlantic or the North) or even provinces

8 Canadian Worldview Aboriginal based on ties to the land, way of life coming from being the original habitants Francophone common language French, defined place in Canada’s laws to protect, history from one European Nation English common language English, establishment of our government, legal and social systems Multicultural have their own beliefs and values, but will adopt the Canadian Worldview over time

9 You’re Worldview Based on family, friends, church, cultural group, school, etc.

10 Worldview Affects the Way a Scoiety Operates Social Systems: organization and relationships among people, such as types of education, medical and social services and society provides Political and Economic Systems: political - way government is organized, role of citizens in the govt, rights given to individuals and groups; economic - relating to the methods by which people produce and distribute the goods and services they need Culture: way of life of a group of people, including language, rules of behavior, religion, spirituality, arts, literature, sciences, traditions and other everyday aspects of life jj Social Systems Culture Political and Economic Systems Worldview

11 Factors Affecting Worldview jj Geography Ideas and Knowledge Contact with Other Groups Worldview Geopgraphy: where a groups lives; climate, land formations, plants and animals, bodies of water, and natural resources Ideas and Knowledge: what a group knows, scientific, intellectual, technological, artisitic, and spiritual knowledge of the times; the common understandings a group has, based on shared history Contact with other groups: who a group comes into contact with; contact and interactions between societies and between different groups in a society

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