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Mr. Widmeyer’s 4th Grade Class Welcome, students!.

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1 Mr. Widmeyer’s 4th Grade Class Welcome, students!

2 Welcome to 4th Grade!  I will introduce you to 4th grade and to our classroom.  If you have any questions during my presentation, please raise your hand and wait to be called on.

3 All About Me  My background  I grew up in Martinsburg. I am married and have one child who is 20 years old and attending college.  I graduated from Shepherd University and West Virginia University.  My experience  I began teaching in 1982. I have taught grades 1- 4, but fourth grade is my favorite!

4 Take Home Folders  You will need a folder that will be used as your take home folder.  This folder will be sent home each day with graded papers or papers that need to be returned.  You will need to show these papers to your parents and return the folder each day.

5 Reading  In Reading, you will be reading from the classroom book and several different chapter books throughout the year.

6 Writing  You will learn to write a five-paragraph essay. You will use this format to write extended responses on the state test.

7 Math  We will be using the Everyday Math Series which is a spiraling curriculum where skills are constantly expanded and reviewed.

8 Science and Social Studies  These subjects will be covered in units where you will spend a good amount of time in each unit. During the units, you will be given assignments and from those your grade will be determined.

9 Classroom Community  Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.  Our class rules are:  Follow directions.  Keep your hands, feet, and other objects to yourself.  Be prepared.  Raise your hand to speak.  Treat others the way you want to be treated. Reteaching behaviors will be done during recess. (Example: If a student has trouble lining up quietly, we will practice lining up during their recess time.)

10 Homework All homework will be written down in planners by students. Your parents must sign planners every evening and return them to school the next day.  Work that isn’t finished in class will be homework as well.

11 Absent/Make-Up Work  If you miss school for any reason, you will be required to make-up the work. Failure to do so could result in a deduction in grade. You will make up the work according to how many days you were absent. (Example- Let’s say you missed Wednesday and Thursday because you were sick. You would then have Friday and Monday to turn in any absent work.)

12 FAQ Engrade- You will have to know the student ID and activation code from the school. These papers will be sent home in a couple weeks. Communication- Please check your planners for information after the first day of school. Please use this to communicate with me if you have any questions. Remind- This text message will help me communicate important information. Simply text the number 81010 and type @mrwidmeyer in the message to receive up to date information about MRI.

13 Information Feel free to email me at: To access the school’s web page and my newsletter, log into omain/151 omain/151

14 Let’s Have a Great Year!

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