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Welcome to Mrs. Whitmore’s 3 rd Grade Classroom Curriculum Night.

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1 Welcome to Mrs. Whitmore’s 3 rd Grade Classroom Curriculum Night

2 About Mrs. Whitmore Graduated UNT Dec. 05’ --Interdisciplinary Studies EC-4 Certifications: ESL/GT/Abydos Reading 8 th Year Teaching – 5 years in 2 nd Grade – 3 year in 3 rd Grade Two beautiful daughters Senior Shelby Freshman Tiana

3 Welcome Welcome to Third Grade at Snow Heights! I’m looking forward to an exciting year that will be fun and rewarding for your child. I am also working towards implementing a curriculum that will foster your child’s physical, social, emotional, and intellectual growth. I truly feel that children learn best if they are in an environment that they enjoy. Therefore, I am striving to create a classroom that allows your child to develop a love for learning. One of the biggest contributors to a successful year is an open communication between parents and teachers. I am eager to get to know each of you! I will be contacting each of you for a conference in mid to late September. ** Remind101

4 Mrs. Whitmore’s Class Rules Created by the students Listen to the teacher Treat others the way you want to be treated Raise your hand to speak No bullying No back talking adults…”yes ma’am” Keep hands to yourself No cheating…eyes on your paper Self Control Pay attention

5 Planner Your child has received a Snow Heights Planner You child will write in the planner everyday, to allow you to know what we are doing in class

6 Snow Heights Binder Your child has received a SHE black binder This binder will come home every night, it may contain important notes, class work, or other hand-outs Please check this binder, read/remove papers and send me notes if needed BEHAVIOR SHEET….BEHAVIOR PLAN A sticker = A GREAT DAY A number = not so good day Please initial this box every night so you are aware of your child’s behavior

7 Tuesday Folder Your child will bring a graded paper folder home every Tuesday Please keep the papers, sign the folder, and return the EMPTY folder

8 Homework Spelling Boxes TIC TAC TOE A total of four assignments are due next Friday. *One of your choices must be 1, 5 or 7. **Two other squares of your choice. ***Your final assignment is to visit or attach a pretest that was completed the night before the test. Please label each part of your work with its box number. Have fun!

9 Reading Log Reading Log Requirements 2013-2014 Your child is required to read a minimum of 20 minutes 4 nights a week, Monday thru Thursday This is an excellent opportunity to have your child read to you Please initial AFTER you have read your child’s sentence. This year we will be recommending different GENRES for them to read each week, the types of genre will be listed on the “Reading Log”

10 Homework Monday-read 20 minutes Book Title _________________________ Genre ____________________________ Parent Initial _______________________ Write a detailed sentence about what you read. ____________________________________________ ____________________________________

11 STAAR Test Every 3 rd grader will take a Reading and Math STAAR test Test dates will be April 22,23 Your child will be well prepared!!!

12 Miscellaneous Dress Code… Water Bottles are allowed in classroom Students correct their work in RED pen, I will always use another color!! BISD Approved Volunteer Personal Hygiene…. DEODORANT

13 Personal Hygiene Remember, I love your kid! But it’s easier to love them when they smell good!

14 Contact Information 817-547-2200 …conference 12:45-1:35 817-999-4175 cell Thank you for coming, we are going to have a FABULUOS year!!!

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