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Mrs. ***’s Second Grade Class

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1 Mrs. ***’s Second Grade Class

2 Welcome to Second Grade!
In our classroom we have many areas for specialized areas of study. If you have any questions during my presentation, please let me know. Notes from this presentation are available.

3 All About Me My background
I grew up in a small town north of Detroit, Michigan. I graduated from Lindenwood University. My experience This is my third year of teaching at Boone Trail. I have also taught fifth grade, but I have always wanted to teach second grade!

4 My Family My husband My children daughters, *** and ***
sons, ***, ***, ***, ***, and *** Our pets dogs, Oreo, Filbert, and Sweetie Catfish twins

5 My Goals To help your child grow in your reading, writing, math, and social skills. To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment. To help your child make new friends and discover new interests.

6 Class Subjects The subjects we will study during second grade are:
Reading Writing Math Science Social studies Music, Art, P.E., Computers, and Library

7 Reading In our class, we will use guided reading as an instructional method. We will read in small groups and these groups will be based on many things including: interest, ability, and skills that we are learning.

8 Writing We will write many books together this year!
We will use a writer’s workshop format to learn about writing. After mini lessons, students will explore the skill using their own topic. We will write many books together this year!

9 Math During our math workshop, we will practice many skills through story problems. This will help us learn to solve math problems in a way that makes sense to us. We will work to create and explain our own strategies and discover new ways to solve problems.

10 Science We will study the physical sciences this year. Our first unit of study is matter. Watch for more information coming home in our newsletters about science topics.

11 Social Studies Our studies of communities, people, and geography of the United States will be our social studies focus in second grade.

12 Classroom Community Our classroom is a community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other. Our class rules are: Be respectful and responsible. Be organized and follow directions. Treat others as you want to be treated.

13 Homework Students should read every night. Books can be read with someone or independently. Students are encouraged to check out books from the classroom library. Please be careful with these books and return them to school in the ziplock bags that they are sent home in. Spelling words are assigned on Friday and challenges (tests) are given on Thursdays. Word work and spelling homework will be given weekly. Any work not finished in class will be assigned as homework.

14 Family Participation Please plan to get involved in our classroom this year! Studies show that students are much more successful when their families are involved with their teacher to create a team atmosphere! Sign up to help out in a way that suits your family before leaving today!

15 Let’s Have a Great Year! Mrs. *** School: Home:

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