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HOW-TO guide This tutorial has sound.

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1 HOW-TO guide This tutorial has sound.

2 Steps for VPN Access Enroll for DUO Mobile two factor authentication. This step must be completed from the campus network. Visit to enroll. Install the DUO Mobile app on your mobile device (recommended). Install the FortiClient software on your computer which establishes the secure VPN connection to UTRGV’s network.

3 DUO Mobile Enrollment (Required)
This step must be completed from the campus network. Visit Click on Start Setup.

4 DUO Mobile Enrollment (Required)
Select the type of device to be enrolled and click on Continue.

5 DUO Mobile Enrollment (Required)
Verify ownership of the device that you are registering. Click on the desired verification method, Call me or Text me. Once you receive the text or phone call, enter the verification code and click on Verify. Click on Continue.

6 DUO Mobile Enrollment (Required)
Once you have completed the enrollment process, you will see a message stating that your enrollment was successful. If Duo Push is selected, the Duo Mobile app MUST be installed on your device.

7 Download Duo Mobile (Recommended)
Download the DUO Mobile app from your phone’s app store. Allow your mobile device to send you PUSH notifications. Click on the link in the activation text message sent to your phone.

8 Install the VPN Client: FortiClient
Laptops on the Edinburg campus should be able to install FortiClient from the Run Advertise application. Download the desktop client: Log into Click on the Help & Downloads menu option. Select VPN software, then select your operating system and click to download and install the software. During installation, select “VPN ONLY” when prompted. (Windows only)

9 Configure VPN Access: FortiClient
Launch the FortiClient application. Click on Settings and then New Connection

10 Configure VPN Client: FortiClient
Connection Name: UTRGV VPN Description: Leave Blank Server Address: In the User Name field, type your full UTRGV address. Enter your UTRGV password Click OK

11 Two-Factor Authentication
Open the VPN client (FortiClient) and enter your credentials then click Connect. You will receive two Duo Mobile notifications on your smartphone, press Approve and then Confirm. If you do not receive the Duo Mobile notifications, manually launch the app on your device and try again. If you are setup without the Duo Mobile app, (as a landline) you will instead receive a call from To approve, you must answer the phone and press any number on the dial pad. You are now connected to VPN and may access UTRGV resources, such as Banner. DUO Mobile App

12 Remote Desktop Service
In order to access your campus computer from outside the UTRGV network, the Remote Desktop Service must be enabled in advance. How to request remote desktop configuration: Submit a service request using ServiceNow. Log into the portal and click on the ServiceNow icon under your list of Applications. Click on "Service Request," complete the request form. Please include the Asset Tag number of the computer in the request. If you travel outside of the U.S., request to allow your computer to accept connections from an international location.

13 Need Help? Submit a request through ServiceNow.
Log into the portal. Click on the ServiceNow icon under Applications. Click on Something Broken. Call the IT Service Desk Edinburg: Brownsville and Harlingen:

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