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E-app Download & Agent Workspace. Laptop Presentation Training When an agent signs on e-app, if there are applications that he/she has completed and saved,

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1 E-app Download & Agent Workspace

2 Laptop Presentation Training When an agent signs on e-app, if there are applications that he/she has completed and saved, a pop-up box will appear that asks if they want to transfer the apps to Home Office (to agent workspace for SGA Review). If the agent clicks on “Send”, the applications will leave their e-app workspace and the agent can review the sales in the Agent Workspace, but he/she is unable to make any updates. The agent can choose to send all apps completed or he can select specific ones by clicking on the box in front of the app description and clicking off the check mark. Only those selected with a “ ” in the box will be downloaded.

3 Laptop Presentation Training After the agent clicks “Send” they will get a confirmation box that indicates the download was complete. Note that any not marked with a check box still appear in e-app database.

4 Laptop Presentation Training After the agent clicks OK, they can review transmitted cases if they want. The searches can be done by Submitted Date (date agent downloaded) or SGA Approval Date (release date to Home Office for process).

5 Laptop Presentation Training To change the date range you want to view, click on the calendar icon on the Start and/or End dates, then activate the radio dial for “Submitted Date” or “SGA Approval Date”. Click “Search by Date” and results will display.

6 Laptop Presentation Training Results Example for search by “Submitted Date” The screen displays applications the agent (or agents if a manager login is used) has downloaded for review by the SGA or manager within the date range selected. If the agent clicks the “View” link, the actual application and related documents will display.

7 Laptop Presentation Training If the person chooses “SGA Approval Date”, the data results displayed will confirm the “Status” noted on the app when it was approved for download to Home Office. It would note “Std SUB,” “Trial,” or “Client Cancel.”

8 Laptop Presentation Training A search can also be done for a specific policy number. Type in the policy number in the search field, then click on the “Search by Policy” button.

9 Laptop Presentation Training A manager who has authority to do so can review e-applications for agents in his/her hierarchy by going to the agent workspace and logging in. To get to the agent workspace outside of e-app, go to the site and choose the link for “agent login” at the bottom of the main page.

10 Laptop Presentation Training Once you choose agent login, you will get the main menu of the workspace which allows you to review reports, e-app, etc. The agent would click on the “Login” icon to get started.

11 Laptop Presentation Training If the manager doesn’t already have a login, they will need to create one, the steps are noted below: Steps for Creating User Profile If you already have an eApp production ID or Agent Workspace production ID then you do not need to create a new one. The eApp logon and the Agent Workspace logon are one in the same. Upon initial access you will need to create a user ID and password to access your Agent Workspace and eApp. To get this setup, go to the following website: You can click on the “create user profile icon” for creating a user profile on the agent workspace main menu to get to the screen also.

12 Laptop Presentation Training Click on 'Create User Profile' and enter the following information: 1.Agent Information a.Enter your Agent Number. Provide one of your agent numbers. b.Enter the Last 4 of Tax ID. Provide the last 4 digits of your social security number or if you are not in the United States the last 4 digits of your Tax ID. 2.User Identification a.Enter a Username. Your username must have at least 5 characters. For example, JSmith. b.Enter a Password. Your password must be at least 8 characters. c.Re-enter the Password for verification. d.Enter an Email. The email address is used to recover your password. 3.To be able to recover your password, select a question from the Secret Question drop-down. For example: What is your pet’s name? 4.Enter the answer to the question selected in the above step in the “Your answer” field. 5.Click Submit. 6.To verify your new login, logout of the workspace and log back in with your new user ID and password.

13 Laptop Presentation Training Once they have the appropriate login, when they click on the login link on the main menu, they will get this screen.

14 Laptop Presentation Training Once they login with their user name and password assigned, they can proceed with doing review/approvals/etc. depending on their authority level. Manager would choose “eApp Review” in the agent menu drop-down to review applications downloaded. (Or they can click on the line icon for “Review eApp sales that have not been sent to the mainframe.”)

15 Laptop Presentation Training A listing of agents who they have authority to review will come up. This could be used for the SGA verification team to review applications and add notes regarding calls made on applications completed. Click on “View” to display the app and other documents tied to the app. Click on “Notes” if you want to add notes regarding the call or applications.

16 Laptop Presentation Training When you click on the notes link it will pop up a “notes” box that allows you to add notes to that application.

17 Laptop Presentation Training Once “notes” have been added, a notes indicator (looks like a little notebook) will display beside the link so the reviewer knows something has been added.

18 Laptop Presentation Training Must click on “+” beside the agent name to be able to view the details or the agent’s applications and tell the system how to process them.

19 Laptop Presentation Training Reviewer can choose between Standard Submit, Trial App, and Client Cancel. The reviewer chooses the appropriate status from the drop down menu and then clicks on “Go” once the review on that particular application is complete.

20 Laptop Presentation Training Reviewer will get a confirm message pop-up box, once they click the go button after selecting the submit status. Click “OK” unless you want to change the status code.

21 Laptop Presentation Training After you review and confirm status (click “Go”) on all applications for any particular agent, his/her name no longer appears in the agent list since there are no more applications to review on that person. Applications are displayed by download date – so if you don’t review downloads on a daily basis, you could have multiple days to review for any particular agent.

22 Laptop Presentation Training SGA chooses authority level for the managers or reviews (select “User Manager”)

23 Laptop Presentation Training First screen provides listing of “Users” or managers (anyone who has a log-in within the SGA’s hierarchy). SGA chooses authority level of each person for viewing/approving.

24 Laptop Presentation Training SGA has ability to update each user/manager with authorization levels by making updates (check or un-check appropriate boxes) and then clicking “Save”.

25 Laptop Presentation Training Definitions of Groups Agent Manager – This level of authority allows a manager to view applications submitted by agents coded to the manager. It does not allow them to review/approve e-apps for release to Home Office. Eapp Reviewers – Allows the person to review, update the status of the application, and approve e-apps for release to Home Office Eapp users – just allows the person to submit e-apps and view their specific e-app sales.

26 Laptop Presentation Training Based on the specific manager who is signed on, they can review apps of agents who they have been given authority to review by the SGA. Manager Level We encourage SGAs to review downloads on a daily basis due to the new 7 day hold that will impact production and advance credit for e-app business (will be explained in more detail).

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