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1 Receiving and Sending E-mails through MS Outlook and

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1 1 Receiving and Sending E-mails through MS Outlook and

2 2 Topics  Connecting to the Cozzini VPN connection  Opening Microsoft Outlook to check e-mails  Opening emails  Sending a new message  Outlook Calendar  Checking E-mails through Internet Browser   Logging into and using it  Logging onto Remote Desktop and checking Emails

3 3 Getting Started  There are several ways in which you can access your Cozzini email. We will go through the following methods in this presentation:  MS Outlook 

4 4 First Step  If you are using your laptop: the first step when checking emails on road is connecting to the VPN Client.

5 5 Connecting to VPN Client Double click on the VPN Dialer Icon located on your desktop

6 6 Connecting to VPN Click on the Connect button

7 7 Connecting to VPN Enter your Cozzini username, password and click “OK”

8 8 Connecting to VPN Once the VPN dialer box disappears and can be seen on your taskbar, it means you are connected to the Cozzini network

9 9 Opening Microsoft Outlook Double click on the Outlook Email icon on your desktop

10 10 Default View

11 11 Outlook Inbox Click on Inbox to view E-mails

12 12 Opening an E-mail Double click on the e-mail row to open it in a new window

13 13 Replying to an E-mail Click to Reply to an E-Mail.

14 14 Sending an email or setting up new appointments and tasks Click black arrow on the New button and select option from the drop down menu. Click on New Message to send a new E-mail.

15 15 Easy to find contacts To select an email address from the Address Book, click on “To” To select a contact, type in the first letter of the persons name and a list appears below. Double click on the contact to confirm.

16 16 MAIL.COZZINI.COM You can check your email from home, hotel or an offshore location from

17 17 Accessing Double Click on Internet Explorer

18 18 Accessing Type “” in the address field and press Enter

19 19 Accessing Enter your Username and Password. Username has to be your full Cozzini email address… Example:

20 20 Accessing You may be asked to enter the same information again. Enter the same details as in the previous screen

21 21 Accessing You have successfully logged into

22 22 Sending a new E-mail Click on New button

23 23 Sending a new E-mail This is the new Email window that appears but sometimes you will not be able to start composing your email right away

24 24 Sending a new E-mail For some users, this warning might appear on the top of your window. Right click on it and choose “Run ActiveX Control”. The will pop up a small window and you need to click on Run Program.

25 25 Sending a New Email Again for some users, another warning will appear and you will have to follow the same steps like the previous slide

26 26 Adding Contacts from directory 1. Click on the To” button 2. Type few letters of the first name or last name of the person in the contact directory and click on Find.

27 27 Adding contacts from directory Highlight the contact from the list below the field by clicking on it once and then click the TO button to assign the address to the sender field.

28 28 Logging off Click on Log Off

29 29 When this screen appears, it means you have logged off successfully

30 30 Connecting to ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ through the application There are two ways to open this connection Option 1 Start – Programs – Accessories – Remote Desktop Connection

31 31 Open Remote Desktop Connection Application Option 2 Start – Programs – Accessories – Communications – Remote Desktop Connection

32 32 Choose Remote Desktop Connection address Type in the correct address of the remote server you are trying to connect to

33 33 Logging into Remote Desktop Connection Type in your User name and Password, and click OK

34 34 Opening Email from Remote Desktop Double click on Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 icon on the desktop to open Email

35 35 Microsoft Outlook in Remote Desktop

36 36 Microsoft Outlook INBOX in Remote Desktop

37 37 Accessing Remote Desktop servers through a web client Type “” in the address field and press Enter

38 38 Accessing Remote Desktop servers through a web client You can access remote desktop servers from this page

39 39 Accessing Remote Desktop servers through a web client Type in the server address in the box. For example:

40 40 Accessing Remote Desktop servers through a web client You can click YES

41 41 Accessing Remote Desktop servers through a web client Enter your User name and Password to access the Remote Desktop server

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