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1 EU/UNICEF project to end torture and ill-treatment against children.

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1 1 EU/UNICEF project to end torture and ill-treatment against children

2 Recommendations from Ombudsman offices and NGOs in 8 CEECIS countries Prevention Accountability Assistance to victims 2

3 Prevention Specialization of professionals working in children Screening and certification of professionals Awareness raising with children, parents, professionals working with children and media Clear and accessible complaint mechanisms in facilities Inclusion of child rights in school curricula

4 Prevention Advocacy for ratification of OPCAT Establish National Prevention Mechanism (NPM) Make sentences for torture more severe by law Establish child-friendly interviewing rooms, where all interviews should take place Improve coordination among of all actors having at stake at torture prevention – State, Ombudsman, NGO 4

5 Accountability Law to include a clear definition of torture, in line with international standards Ensure prohibition of torture, ill-treatment and violence against children by law Establish codes of conduct and codes of ethics Ensure mandatory reporting for professionals working with children Remove % of completed investigations as a performance indicators for the police 5

6 Accountability Legislation to provide children with the right to select a legal representative Strenghten Prosecutors oversight on investigations involving children Make data and information on completed cases of torture of children public, while ensuring confidentiality Ensure independence of medical experts carrying out examinations 6

7 Accountability Suspend the accused professional from his/her position until the issue is cleared up Create independent services/oversight/monitoring bodies in closed institutions and penitentiary institutions Enhance status of lawyers Ensure that these who have been sentenced for torture do not work with children again Political will !!! 7

8 Assistance to victims – Identification and reporting Awareness raising among population: for victims to know that the behaviour that happened is wrong and for others to know when to report Safety precautions – victim protection programs, protective orders, relocation programs Establish clear reporting mechanisms Establish/improve referral mechanisms – victim should be directed to appropriate entity (medical, psychological, legal, etc) 8

9 Assistance to victims – Needs assessment and planning Standards and methodology for needs assessment and case planning Capacity building for concerned professionals to prevent secondary victimisation Ensure confidentiality/privacy of the victim Involve victim and family in planning (if victim does not mind) Regular update/review of the needs of the victim and updates to the plan 9

10 Assistance to victims – Service delivery Range of services to be as broad as possible Services have to be available and accessible – community–based Establish provisions for the State to outsource services to NGOs and private providers Develop standards of services 10

11 Assistance to victims – Monitoring Quality assurance of the each component of the service delivery Independent monitoring of the system of victims assistance 11

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