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Target 2nd tier Prime Supplier Guide

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1 Target 2nd tier Prime Supplier Guide
Target requests of select Supplier Partners when able to identify your companies direct and indirect spend with diverse suppliers, in relation to your business with Target, and provide that data to Target on a quarterly basis. This document contains the information needed for reporting. Should you have any questions of Target regarding the Supplier Diversity Tier 2 Reporting Program, please sciQuest Inc. 1776 Yorktown, Suite 435 Houston TX For technical issues when reporting, please contact: Target Prime Reporting URL: ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

2 ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential
Preliminaries The purpose of this user guide is to explain the process of reporting your company’s 2nd Tier spend into Target’s 2nd Tier reporting system. Processes such as reporting indirect and direct spend, adding and modifying suppliers and viewing report history are detailed below. Common conventions used: Drop-down Lists - In most drop-down lists in Windows, you may type the first character of the word or phrase to quick-scroll to the first entry with that letter. Repeatedly pressing that letter will advance the highlight bar to the next entry that begins with that letter. Once you reach the end of the list, it cycles back to the first item in the list that begins with that letter. Save and Submit Button - Clicking the Save button will allow you to remain on the same page and save your data to the database. Clicking the Submit button will redirect you to the follow-up page and save your data. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

3 Preliminaries (Continued)
Close Button - Selecting this button will close the pop up window without saving any changes. You will be taken back at the page from which you have navigated. Bold (*) Fields Required - Throughout the site you will encounter any field that is bold or has a red * next to it is required and must be filled in. Calendar - Most date fields in the system can have the date filled in either by typing directly into the field, or by selecting it using the calendar control. Navigate to the correct month and year using the controls at the top of the pop-up window, then click on the desired date. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

4 ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential
Log In In the address field of your browser, enter The Login ID and Password are given in the you have received. Type in the Login ID and Password in the appropriate fields to log into the system. Use the “Forgot Your User Name Password?” links to retrieve your login information. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

5 Recover a User Name or Password
You can click on either “User Name” or “Password” to recover the corresponding information you need to log in. Depending on what information you have for your account, enter either your registered Address or User Name in the pop up window. The information you have requested will be sent to the address which is on file in your company’s profile. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

6 ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential
2nd Tier Main Menu The 2nd Tier Main Menu is the main page from which you can navigate the system. You can use the links on the left anytime to move to different sections. The Main Menu is split into two different sections “Entering Spend Data” and “Help and Support”. Descriptions of each can be found on the main menu page. 2nd Tier Diverse Suppliers Enter Direct Spend Enter Indirect Spend 2nd Tier Report History User Gude Supplier Diversity Definitions Modify Prime Profile Change Password Contact Us * To return to this main menu from any page in the site, click Menu. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

7 ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential
Modify Prime Profile You may need to modify this information if you find incorrect or out-of-date information in the profile. Fields that are in bold or have an asterisk are required. Clicking will save the changes you have made and take you back to Main Menu. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

8 2nd Tier Diverse Supplier
Use the button to search for a known diverse supplier that has been registered into the system. In addition to searching for existing suppliers, you can add diverse suppliers using one of the following methods: use this link to add a new 2nd tier diverse supplier to the 2nd tier diverse supplier list. use this link to upload a new diverse supplier to the list. This is particularly useful when several suppliers are to be put into the system at once. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

9 Add 2nd Tier Diverse Supplier
Method 1: 1. Enter all the required company details in to the text fields in this section. If you have any additional information about the 2nd Tier Diverse supplier, 2. Select the appropriate supplier classification details. select the submit button to save the new diverse supplier. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

10 Import Diverse Suppliers
Method 2: 1. (Sample File) - select this link to download a sample excel file; use as template to enter supplier information. select this button to browse your system files and select the search for the completed supplier list you have completed in Excel. select this button to upload the completed supplier list. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

11 Enter Direct 2nd Tier Report
Select the Reporting Year and Reporting Period for which you wish to report. Enter the required information in the rest of the report. Spend Amount can be entered either manually for each supplier, or you can choose to import your direct 2nd Tier spend. This is completed by selecting “Import 2nd Tier Report”download template and import the completed file. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

12 Enter Indirect 2nd Tier Report
Select the Reporting Year and Reporting Period for which you wish to report. Enter the required information regarding preparation information into the report. Revenue From Target - Enter the revenue your company has made from Target. Total Domestic Revenue – Enter your company’s total domestic revenue Enter your company’s Spend Amount for each specific Classification. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

13 ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential
2nd Tier Report History 2nd Tier Report History shows the your direct and indirect diverse spend data separated by quarter and totaled for each report year. Spend data is displayed in total amount. This report gives you a summary of all spend and credit information. Click on any of the red hyperlinked numbers to view the details of the corresponding Reporting Period and Direct/Indirect Spend Report. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

14 ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential
Change Password Upon logging into the system for the first time, you will be asked to change your temporary password to something that you will be able to recall the next time you log into the site. You can also use this screen to change your password at any other time. Enter your current password. Select a password with alpha-numeric characters, re-enter to confirm. Select the button to save the new password. ©2013 sciQuest inc Confidential

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