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Unit3 Let’s celebrate Integrated skills Wei Tang Middle School Wang Ying.

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2 Unit3 Let’s celebrate Integrated skills Wei Tang Middle School Wang Ying

3 1 2 3 4 56

4 On that day,Chinese people often eat rice dumplings and watch dragon boat races( 比赛 ).

5 On that day, people celebrate the harvest/ ‘ha:vist / ( 丰收 ). Families often get together and have a big dinner.People eat turkey.

6 On that day, people in the USA have a special party, they dress up, play a game called ‘trick or treat’ and make pumpkin lanterns.

7 We often eat lots of nice food and wear new clothes. Children can get some money and play games. People often say Gong He Xin Xi to each other.

8 On that day, families often get together and eat mooncakes and enjoy the full moon in the open air.

9 On that day, people have a party. Father Christmas will come and give children lots of presents.

10 Speak up Do you know which is Millie ’ s favourite day? Listen to them carefully, they will tell you.

11 1. Which is Millie’s favourite day in the year? 2. When is Millie’s birthday? 3. Why does she like her birthday so much? 4. Who gives her the presents? Her birthday is her favourite day. It’s on 3rd October. She always has a party and she gets lots of presents. Her parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends.

12 Which is my favourite day? Can you guess:

13 a ( 传统的 )festival in China On Chinese New Year’s Eve( 除夕 ), watch programs from midnight watch fireworks ( 看烟火 ) traditional

14 My cousin also likes Chinese New Year best.

15 Can you guess: Why does she like Chinese New Year best?

16 get red packets

17 Chun Lian put up couplets/Λ/ with her father 春联

18 put up the Chinese lanterns

19 watch the lion dance 舞狮

20 They are excited! /ik'saitid/ make Chinese food---dumplings with her family

21 New words: 1. firework /‘faiəwə:k / 烟火, 烟花 2. midnight /‘midnait/ 午夜 3. lion/‘laiən/ 狮子 4. tradtional/trə‘di∫ənl/ 传统的 5. excited/ik‘saitid/ 兴奋的

22 Chinese New Year celebrations( 名词,庆祝 )

23 Read the poster and answer questions: 1.Where do the chinese people in New York live? They live in Chinatown( 唐人街 ). 2.Are they going to have a Chinese New Year party? Yes, they are. 3.What are they going to eat ? They are going to eat chinese food. 4.What can they watch at night? The lion dance, music and dance and fireworks. 5. What time can they watch fireworks? At 8p.m. 6. What time can they watch music and dance? From 9p.m. to midnight.

24 ActivityTime Chinese food Lion dance Fireworks Music and dance 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. 1 p.m. 9 p.m. -- midnight 8 p.m. Wang’s Restaurant Peel Street Chinese Community Centre Mott Street Place

25 1.If you are Wendy, tell her friends what Chinese in New York will do at Chinese New Year. 2. Give them a report. 3. Work in pairs. Pair work:

26 January 13 th Dear Millie Gong He Xin Xi! I am on holiday( 在度假 ) in _________. I want to see the__________________ party here. There are lots of interesting things here. I am going to watch the _______________. It is my first time to see it and I am very excited. After that, I am going to eat traditional ____________. At night, there will be in Chinatown. What do you do for Chinese New Year in Beijing? Lots of love Wendy Millie Flat 603 118 Garden Road Beijing 100000 China New York Chinese New Year lion dance Chinese food fireworks

27 Why is Wendy very excited? Because it’s her first time to watch the lion dance.

28 talk about our favourite days Fool ’ s Day April 1st National Day October 1st Children ’ s Day June 1st Mid-Autumn Day Lunar calendar ( 农历 ) August 15th Christmas Day December 25th Halloween October 31st

29 DaysWhat can we do on that day? Fool’s Dayplay a trick on friends get fun from it … National Dayhave a long holiday People can go out for a trip. Children’s Dayhave a party at school play games with friends Mid-Autumn Festival eat mooncakes, get together, tell the story of Chang’e, enjoy the moon Christmasget a lot of presents families get together and have a party Halloween 1.make pumpkin lanterns 2.dress up (wear special costumes) 3.have a special party a game called “trick or treat”

30 It is time to show ! Make a new dialogue

31 A: Which is your favourite festival? B: …… A: When is it? B: It is …… A: Why do you like it best? B: Because …… A : What do you do at/on …… ? B : I…… A : It sounds great.How do you feel at/on…… ? B : I feel excited(happy) because I can talk with my families and friends.(I can go on a trip with my families.)

32 Love our festivals We should love our festivals and enjoy our life!

33 Homework 1.Look for more information about festivals on the Internet. 2.Write a passage about your partner’s favourite day.

34 Community Center ( 社区活动中心 ) /kə ' mju:niti/ ['sentə]

35 traditional /trə‘di ʃ ənl /

36 Chinese will go to Chinatown this Sunday. There is a Cinese New Year Party in New York. They can watch……in Peel Street at 1p.m. They can eat ……at Wang’s Restaurant. There will be …… in Mott Street at 8p.m. They can go to music and dance from ……to…… in the Chinese Community Centre. I think they will have a good time there.

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