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7A Unit 3 Let’s celebrate! Welcome to the unit!

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3 7A Unit 3 Let’s celebrate! Welcome to the unit!


5 Chinese New Year celebrate v. 庆祝 (the Spring Festival)



8 Dragon Boat Festival 端午节


10 Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 moon cake n. 月饼


12 Christmas 圣诞节


14 Halloween 万圣节前夜 October the 31st

15 ghost n. 鬼 dress up as… 装扮成 … dress v. 给 … 穿衣服

16 Monkey King 美猴王


18 turkey n. 火鸡 Thanksgiving Day 感恩节

19 Do you know other festivals in China? May Day Children’s Day Teachers’ Day National Day New Year’s Day ……

20 New words Christmas 圣诞节 festival n. 节日 Halloween 万圣节前夜 Thanksgiving Day 感恩节 Monkey King 美猴王 Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节 Dragon Boat Festival 端午节

21 ghost n. 鬼 celebrate v. 庆祝 guess n. 猜 mooncake n. 月饼 interesting n. 有趣的 dress v. 给 … 穿衣服 dress up as… 装扮成 … …



24 Chinese new year People often eat lots of nice food. People wear new clothes Children can get some money and play games. People often say Gong He Xin Xi to each other.

25 Christmas It is the most important festival in the west( 西方 ).. On that day, Children are very happy,because they can get lots of presents They sing Christmas songs and say ‘Merry Christmas’ to each other.

26 Dragon Boat Festival On that day,Chinese people often eat rice dumplings. It is an important festival in China Watch Dragon Boat races ( 龙舟赛 )

27 Thanksgiving day On that day, people celebrate the harvest ( 丰收 ). Families often get together and have a big dinner. The special( 特别的 ) food is turkey.

28 Halloween They play a game called ‘trick or treat’( 不招待就使坏 ). On that day children are very happy. People often dress up and make pumpkin lanterns.

29 Mid-Autumn Festival On that day, families often get together We eat a kind of special food like moon We enjoy the full moon in the open air (户外).

30 Comic Strip Eddie and Hobo Eddie and Hobo Comic Strip Eddie and Hobo Eddie and Hobo

31 Listening : Answer : What festival do they celebrate?

32 Reading : Are Hobo and Eddie happy ? What is Hobo dressing up as ? What will he dress up as then ?


34 Hobo, today is Halloween. Great! Let’s celebrate.

35 What’s in the bag?Have a guess! Have a guess !

36 I want to dress up as a ghost. A ghost? That’s not ver interesting.

37 OK. How about the Monkey King?


39 Talk about these festivals as much as you can according to the key words. October the 31st ghost / dress up as the bright moon mooncakes

40 celebrate the harvest eat turkey Spring/delicious food red packets /best wishes…

41 trees / presents / cards Father Christmas Quyuan dragon boat races ( 龙舟赛 ) rice dumplings

42 A: Which is your favourite festival? B: Mid-Autumn Festival. A:Why do you like Mid-Autumn Festival? B:Because I like to eat mooncakes.

43 Fill in the blanks 1.We eat dumplings on __________________. But we eat rice dumplings on__________________. 2.On _________________, the moon is very round and beautiful. 3. Turkey is a kind of special food on __________________ the Spring Festival Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Thanksgiving Day

44 4.In the West, children dress up at __________. They play a game called “trick or treat”. Halloween 5.People often send cards to each other,and fathers often dress up as Father Christmas on ___________. Christmas 6.I hear there are some _______ ( 鬼 ) in the old house. ghosts 7.Most Chinese people don’t know how to __________( 庆祝 ) Halloween. celebrate

45 Homework: Make a poster showing your partner’s favourite festival for a class display. We will have a competition.



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