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Let’s celebrate ! Vocabulary Unit 3 上冈初级中学 沈正西.

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1 Let’s celebrate ! Vocabulary Unit 3 上冈初级中学 沈正西


3 The seasons in the year spring summer autumnwinter

4 1. January 2. February 3. March 4. April 5. May 6. June Months of the year 7. July 8. August 9. September 10. October 11. November 12. December

5 1. Jan1: New Year’s Day 2. May1: May Day 3. Jun 1: Children’s Day Write Yes if you have to go to school, and write No if you don’t have to go to school. No Yes No

6 4. Sep10: Teachers’ Day 5. Oct1: National Day 6. Dec25: Christmas No Yes


8 Teachers’ Day on September 10

9 National Day on October 1

10 Children’s Day on June 1

11 May Dayon May1

12 Christmas Dayon December 25

13 Pair work: Make up a dialogue. 123456123456 Jan 1 May 1 Jun 1 Sep 10 Oct 1 Dec 25 New Year’s Day May Day Teachers’ Day Christmas Day Children’s Day National Day A:Do you like… B: Yes,I do. A: When is …? B: It’s on… A: Do you go to school on…? B: Yes,we do./ No,we don’t.

14 Group work: Talk about the festivals and special days you know. SeasonsMonthsFestivals & special days Spring Summer Autumn Winter March April May June July August September October November December January February Women’s Day,April Fool’s Day, May Day, Tomb-sweeping Day, Easter, Mother’s Day Children’s Day, Father’s Day Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival, Teachers’ Day, National Day, Halloween,Thanksgiving Day Christmas, New Year’s Day, Chinese New Year

15 Fill in the blanks : 1. At _______________,I can get red packets from my parents. 2. At __________, we can see beautiful Christmas trees. 3. I like eating mooncakes at ___________________. 4. We like ___________ because we can dress up as ghosts. 5. At ____________________, I like watching Dragon Boat races. 6. On ______________, teachers can get many flowers. 7. On ____________, we give mothers best wishes. 8. We have a seven-day holiday on____________ and ____________. Chinese New Year Christmas Mid-Autumn Festival Halloween Dragon Boat Festival Teachers’ Day Women’s Day National Day May Day

16 1.wear special costumes2.make pumpkin lanterns a game called “trick or treat” 3.dress up as a ghost4.have a special party Halloween

17 Trick or treat! Give me something good to eat! Trick or treat! Give me something nice and sweet! Let’s chant! A Rhyme :Trick or treat

18 get red packets eat dumplings let off fireworks Chinese New Year watch TV

19 eat rice dumplings watch dragon boat races/matches tell the story of Quyuan Dragon Boat Festival

20 eat mooncakes watch/enjoy the moon have a big dinner tell the story of Changé Mid-Autumn Festival

21 Play the game: Say something about the festivals. 1 2 3 4





26 Homework: Write a letter to your penfriend Wendy in the USA. Tell her about your favourite Chinese festival.

27 Thank you !

28 Thank you!

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