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My favourite festival 7A Unit 5 Task 学习目标: 1. 完成有关节日及其庆祝方 式的短文。 2. 通过制定写作计划,培养 学生良好的写作习惯。

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Presentation on theme: "My favourite festival 7A Unit 5 Task 学习目标: 1. 完成有关节日及其庆祝方 式的短文。 2. 通过制定写作计划,培养 学生良好的写作习惯。"— Presentation transcript:


2 My favourite festival 7A Unit 5 Task

3 学习目标: 1. 完成有关节日及其庆祝方 式的短文。 2. 通过制定写作计划,培养 学生良好的写作习惯。

4 Free talk: What festivals do you know? Which is your favourite festival? And why?

5 How do you celebrate Chinese New Year? An important festival in China Spring festival Chinese New Year

6 文字 When is Chinese New Year? It is in January or February. The night before Chinese New Year is called New Year's Eve.

7 How do people celebrate Chinese New Year? What do people eat? traditional Chinese food (New Year’s cakes) eat dumplings

8 What do people do? watch the lion dance

9 set off/ let off fireworks watch fireworks

10 hang the Chinese Lanterns

11 Chun Lian Happy Chinese New Year! clean the house put up the new pictures

12 Spring Festival Gala/`ga:l ə / watch TV

13 Chinese New Year enjoy fireworks get some money eat dumplings and lots of nice food wear new clothes

14 Spring Festival What is the Spring Festival? always in January or February How do people celebrate the Spring Festival? have a big dinner watch TV (the spring festival Gala) get presents (get red packets and new clothes) most Chinese families celebrate it families members get together let off fireworks an important holiday in China what when who how

15 The Spring Festival is an important holiday in China. Most Chinese families (1)_________ it. It is always in (2)_________ or (3)__________. It is often cold at this time of year, but people are happy. Family members (4)___________ and then have a big (5)________. get together JanuaryFebruary celebrate dinner

16 After dinner, people like to (6)__________. There is a great Spring Festival Gala on TV every year. Children have lots of fun on this day. We get presents. Usually our parents get (7) _______ ready for us, and we get (8)___________ from our grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles. We like to let off (9)_________ at night. They are really wonderful! watch TV presents red packets fireworks 一场大型春节晚会

17 How to write about your favourite festival? Para 1.What is the festival? Who celebrate it? Para 2. When is it? How do people celebrate it ?

18 Useful expressions …is an important holiday in/for It is in / on… It is.., but… There is /are...on TV… We / they like to … Usually we get … …have lots of fun…

19 Mid-Autumn festival A Chinese traditional festival 传统的 In September or October Family members get together Eat moon cakes Have dinner with the family Enjoy the moon Christmas The most important festival in Christian country 信基督教的 On 25 December Have Christmas presents Sing Christmas songs Christmas stockings and Christmas cards

20 Halloween ··· Write your favourite festival Writing

21 Learning paper Do some exercises

22 Homework: Write a letter! Please write a letter to Wendy, tell her about the festivals in China. To : Wendy (the USA) From : ··· (No. 1 Middle School, Yangzhong, Jiangsu, China)

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