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Italian Renaissance Art Michelangelo – Sculptor David.

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1 Italian Renaissance Art Michelangelo – Sculptor David

2 Michelangelo – Painter Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel

3 Creation of Man

4 The Last Judgment

5 Michelangelo – Architect St. Peter’s Basilica He designed the dome and much of the interior altar

6 Leonardo da Vinci – Ideal Renaissance man Definition? – Had lots of different interests and talents Painter, sculptor, inventor, scientist, poet

7 Leonardo da Vinci – Painter Mona Lisa Is it her or is it him?

8 The Last Supper


10 Vitruvian Man – Study of anatomy and human proportion

11 Raphael – Painter – Use of perspective Definition? New technique of the Renaissance Raphael was not the first to use this technique Perspective!

12 The School of Athens

13 Donatello – 1 st free standing bronze statue since Roman times David

14 Botticelli The Birth of Venus

15 Brunelleschi – Architect – Designed the dome of the Florence Cathedral 1 st dome built since Roman times

16 Dome Caparisons Il Duomo St. Peter’s St. Paul’s US capital (Florence) (Rome) (London) (Washington DC) 1296-14361506-16261677-1708 Dome completed in 1868

17 Ghiberti – Sculptor – Designed the bronze doors of the Florence Cathedral Baptistery Gates of Paradise

18 Northern Renaissance By the end of the 15 th century, Italian city-states no longer had a monopoly on Asian goods – Other nations want to get wealthy through trade – Explorations by Spain and Portugal in the late 1400s opened new trade routes to Asia

19 Northern Renaissance France, England, the Netherlands (Holland) and the German States became leading trading nations Hanseatic League Definition? ◦ Trade organization of German merchants who controlled Northern Europe

20 Northern Renaissance Had a different style from the Italian Renaissance – Why?

21 Styles of the Renaissance Italian Renaissance – Themes Religion Greek and Roman mythology

22 Styles of the Renaissance Italian Renaissance – Features Water-based colors Bright, light colors Idealistic figures – Larger than life – Heroic – Glamorous

23 Styles of the Renaissance Northern Renaissance – Features Darker colors First to develop and use oil paints – Jan van Eyck More realistic

24 Hans Holbein – Painted portraits of the rich & powerful Henry VIII

25 Albrecht Durer – Northern “da Vinci” – Renaissance man – Painter, engraver, author Praying Hands

26 The Knight, Death, and the Devil

27 Pieter Brueghel – Painter Ordinary people and village life

28 Jan van Eyck – Painter – Developed oil paints with his brother The Arnolfini Wedding

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