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The Renaissance 1300-1600.

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1 The Renaissance

2 After the Black Death Population of N. Europe begins to recover
Cities are growing Urban merchants become wealthy and sponsor artists.

3 Renaissance Beginning
Everyone used to be VERY religious, but too many were suffering and dying! Started to pull away from the church Looking to SECULAR (worldly) ideals of the here and now vs. life after death Begin studying HUMANISM: study of human potential & achievement

4 The Renaissance Begins in Italy
Explosion of creativity in Europe  Renaissance or “rebirth” of art & learning Italy had 3 Advantages: Thriving cities Rich merchant class (like the Medici family in Florence) Classical heritage of Greece and Rome


6 New Values Humanism- focus on human potential and achievement instead of Christian teachings Enjoyment of Life including good food, nice clothes Patrons of the arts- the wealthy spend money on the arts

7 What is a Renaissance Man?
A person who mastered many fields of study Sculptor Painter Philosopher Educator

8 New Techniques in Art - Painting
Realistic portraits and sculptures- very human like Perspective- 3 dimensions, Distant objects are smaller

9 New Techniques in Art-Sculptures
Study of human anatomy to paint and sculpt better More natural postures and expressions

10 The Artists of the Renaissance Donatello
DONATELLO: sculptor and painter; Revealed personality in his art One of the first to do a nude statue First bronze statue of St. Louis of Toulouse

11 The Artists of the Renaissance Leonardo
LEONARDO DA VINCI: painter, sculptor, inventor, & scientist  a true “Renaissance Man” Mona Lisa The Last Supper

12 The Artists of the Renaissance MICHELANGELO
MICHELANGELO: sculptor and painter Sistine Chapel Statue of David

13 The Artists of the Renaissance Raphael
RAPHAEL studied from Michelangelo and Leonardo; painter Madonna and Child School of Athens

14 The Renaissance Moves North
Why? Italian artists flee Italy and move north because Italy gets invaded Wealthy merchants in the north begin to be patrons of the arts How was the art different? Northern artists focused on religion and social reform

15 Northern Renaissance Artists
Albrecht Durer- German artist- woodcuts and engravings Hans Holbein- German artist- portrait painter Jan van Eyck- Flemish painter who used oil-based paints



18 Printing Spreads Renaissance Ideas
JOHANN GUTENBERG: reinvents moveable type & comes up with printing press Gutenberg Bible: first full size book printed Can produce hundreds of copies Encouraged people to learn to read! RISE IN LITERACY & IDEAS SPREAD FASTER

19 The Writers of the Renaissance
They use vernacular- native or local language ERASMUS: The Praise of Folly – said to improve society, all should study Bible THOMAS MORE: Utopia – imaginary land inhabited by peaceful people; no use for money

20 The Writers of the Renaissance
WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE Greatest playwright of all time: sonnets, plays, essays Romeo and Juliet Hamlet Othello Macbeth Midsummer Night’s Dream Julius Caesar King Lear

21 Videos William Shakespeare song horrible histories
The Renaissance: Was it a Thing? - Crash Course World History 

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