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Great Artists of the Renaissance.

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1 Great Artists of the Renaissance

2 Renaissance Artists wanted their subjects to be realistic
Focused on humanity and emotion Used new techniques Sculptured emphasized realism and the human form Architecture reached new heights of design

3 New Techniques Frescos Perspective Painting done on wet plaster
Gave depth to paintings Making distant objects appear smaller than those close to the viewer Made scenes appear 3-D

4 Filippo Brunelleschi Created a dome in Florence- il duomo
Modeled after the Pantheon Il duomo Pantheon

5 Leonardo daVinci Renaissance genius
Considered himself a painter, but he was also a sculptor, architect, and engineer Sketched nature Dissected corpses to learn how the human body works

6 A sample of daVinci’s anatomy sketches

7 daVinci’s famous paintings
Mona Lisa- portrait of a woman whose mysterious smile has baffled people for centuries Is daVinci Mona Lisa?

8 The Last Supper A masterpiece of perspective

9 daVinci’s inventions

10 Michelangelo Buonarroti
Sculptor, engineer, painter, architect, poet Called a “meloncholy genius”- his work reflects his many life long spiritual struggles

11 The David


13 The Pieta

14 The Sistine Chapel Took four years to complete
Commissioned by Pope Julius II


16 Raphael Admired for his talent and his sweet and gracious nature
Studied great masters, but developed his own style Famous work: School of Athens Imaginary gathering of great thinkers and scientists (Plato, Aristotle, Socrates to name a few) He included himself in the picture along with Michelangelo and daVinci

17 The School of Athens Raphael in the back

18 The Renaissance moves North
Began in the region of Flanders(France, Belgium, Netherlands) Flanders was a thriving center of trade for Northern Europe From Flanders, the Renaissance spread to Spain, France, Germany, and England

19 Jan van Eyck One of the most important Flemish painters
Used rich, realistic detail in his works Portrait of Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife

20 “Leonardo of the North”
Albrecht Durer- traveled to Italy to study Italian masters Took these ideas and spread Renaissance techniques to Northern Europe He applied his new knowledge of painting techniques to engraving Engraving- etching a design on to a metal plate with acid

21 Durer’s nature paintings
What other artist was interested in nature?

22 Durer self-portrait

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