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Verb Review.

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1 Verb Review

2 Verbs A word used to express action or a state of being
Helping Verb: helps the main verb express and action/state of being Also known as auxiliary verb He has been praised. Verb phrase: contains helping verb and main verb; is sometimes interrupted by another part of speech

3 Verbs Action verb: verb that expresses physical or mental activity
Langston Hughes wrote volumes of poetry. Physical activity: laugh, paint, leap, sneeze, play Mental activity: understand, trust, realize, dream, wish

4 Verbs Linking verbs: connect subject to a word or word group that identifies/describes the subject Noun, pronoun, adjective that is connected to the subject by a linking verb completes the meaning of the verb Common linking verbs: am, are, been, is, was, being, appear, grow, seem, taste, smell, sound, become, feel, remain The watermelon looks ripe.

Transitive verbs: express an action directed toward a person, place, thing, or idea Action passes from doer (subject) to the receiver of the action (direct object) Emily brought flowers. TRANSITIVE VERBS REQUIRE DIRECT OBJECTS***

6 Verbs Intransitive verbs: express action (or tells something about the subject) without the action passing to a receiver of the object Linking verbs are intransitive verbs because…? The twins played quietly.

7 Intransitive vs. Transitive
Joan swam ten laps. Joan swam well. The teacher read a poem. The teacher read aloud.

8 The End!

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