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Anti-bullying week #stopbullying.

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1 Anti-bullying week #stopbullying

2 What is cyberbullying?

3 Different to bullying?

4 Do you follow these rules online?

5 Are you cybersmart?



8 Is there a bully here? What does one look like?

9 What about here? Are they having fun or being mean?

10 My friend is being bullied online, how can I help?
Being bullied is often a very difficult experience – so it could really help to have a good friend to listen and offer support. Things you can do to help a friend:  - Be there to listen to them. If they are being bullied they might be going through a lot of emotions and it can be really helpful for them to have someone to talk things through with.  - Support your friend by offering to go with them to report the bullying and help them think about what they want to say.  - Think about writing supportive comments when other people are posting negative messages. This may help them feel like they are not so alone.  - Do things together that may take their mind off things for a short while. For example, you could watch a DVD or go to the cinema.

11 I have been involved in cyber bullying. What can I do to put it right?
Thing about what you're doing: The first step is realising that you have been involved in bullying. We all make mistakes and it doesn’t make you a bad person.  Ask for some advice: Tell someone you trust, like a parent, carer or teacher. They may be able to offer you some advice about what to do.  Delete the bullying: Go back and delete any upsetting or nasty posts, Tweets or comments you have written  Be the one to make a stand: Talk to others involved and encourage them to stop the bullying. It only takes one person to start making a big change  Say sorry: Apologise to the person who was bullied and offer them support. This can mean a lot to the other person.  Learn from this: Sometimes we do things without really thinking them through but the important thing is to learn from it and change the way you act in the future.

12 #stopbullying LINKS & CITATIONS

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