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Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying

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1 Internet Safety & Cyber Bullying
PCSO Nick Glass

2 What do we use the Internet for?

3 How do use the Internet to communicate?
Facebook Twitter Chatrooms Face Time Xbox Live/Playstation

4 Internet rules and advice
Don’t overdo it!, Internet surfing can be very addictive Don’t believe everything you read on the screen

5 Be careful when talking to new people
Never give out any personal details, telephone numbers, postal or addresses Don’t publish photos of yourself Do not arrange to meet anyone unless your parent or carer agrees to go with you Leave the Internet straight away if anything worries or upsets you, tell a parent, career or teacher what has happened

6 What does the term Cyber Bullying mean?

7 If it happens to you…… Don’t ignore it. Tell someone you trust, such as a teacher or parent Don’t reply. It will only make the person bullying you more likely to continue Remember that you don’t need to put up with any kind of bullying

8 1. Someone sends a horrible text about you to everyone in your class.
a. Go and punch the person who sent it. b. Ask a friend to save the text and show it to a teacher. c. Ignore it.

9 2. You keep getting nasty phone calls from someone
a. Tell an adult you trust b. Ask your friends to help you find out who it is and get them back c. Stop using your phone

10 3. You get an email about someone you know, saying horrible things about them.
a. Send it to all your friends. b. Save the and tell an adult you trust c. Delete the and tell your friends to as well.

11 Respect other people – online and off
Think before you send s, texts and post internet messages



14 Have fun using technology……….
but stay safe!

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