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HEInnovate A self-assessment tool for Higher Education Institutions.

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1 HEInnovate A self-assessment tool for Higher Education Institutions

2 A self-assessment tool for HEI's who want to explore their entrepreneurial potential Based on solid policy evidence and experience (OECD) Open to all HEI's worldwide HEInnovate is NOT: a ranking system a benchmarking system mandatory - totally voluntary HEInnovate IS:

3 HEI: – Can assess and gauge internal perceptions in a systematic manner – Diagnose areas of strength & weakness – Compare & contrast evolution over time; changes in perception – Access high-quality learning materials (case studies, guidance notes etc) Policy: – establishes a reference framework for a more entrepreneurial higher education system – Is flexible & adaptable in line with policy development – a means to create awareness amongst HEIs Benefits

4 UBForum 2011 - need for guidance and a clear framework for HEI's wishing to be more entrepreneurial Value of a common European framework to guide HEI's in this process European Commission convened an external expert panel in collaboration with the OECD in 2012 An online self-assessment tool was developed – HEInnovate Launched in November 2013 Background

5 Structure & Scope – 7 Dimensions Leadership and Governance Organisational Capacity, People and Incentives Entrepreneurship Development in Teaching and Learning Pathways for Entrepreneurs University – Business / External Relationships for Knowledge Exchange The Entrepreneurial HEI as an Internationalised Institution Measuring the Impact

6 What do the results look like?

7 Tailored case studies

8 Data management and privacy No comparison between institutions Internal comparison by the user is possible – results not available to EC or OECD User numbers & geographical distribution available

9 All visits by country (Nov '13-Mar '14)

10 Use by country

11 Dissemination 2014 Dedicated events: – Belgium; Antwerp, 29 th January 2014 – Wales; Swansea, 22-23 rd May 2014 Co-organised workshops : HR; DE; SE; ES; PL; HU; CY; RO; IE; Independent workshops: multiple HEIs across Europe

12 OECD collaboration 2014 & next steps OECD National Policy Reviews 2014: - Bulgaria (five universities ) OECD National Workshops: - Lithuania (including Latvia and Estonia): June 2014; - Italy: 3 rd October 2014; - Greece: second half of 2014 Updates: – A new version of the tool will be released in May 2014; – New material: case studies, guidance notes etc;

13 Any questions? For more information:

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